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Commited to Campus Safety

Whether large or small, in a rural or urban environment, 3M is dedicated to the safety of both your campus and the officers that protect the community. Designed and manufactured in the US, 3M's innovative Automatic License Plate Recognition solutions are deployed all over the country, helping to deter crime and enable faster response to campus incidents. From install to on-going maintenance and support, 3M is saving you time, money and stress.

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Reduce Crime and Enforce Campus Regulations

Reduce Crime and Enforce Campus Regulations

3M ALPR technology can be deployed for both security and parking enforcement operations. While 3M Fixed ALPR Cameras are installed to provide 24/7 data collection and monitoring, 3M Mobile ALPR Cameras are installed on vehicles providing the flexibility for situational deployments such as crime response or daily patrol needs such as parking enforcement. 3M offers a proven and reliable system that provides the operational efficiencies and flexibility every police agency is looking for.

Increase Security with Decreasing Budgets

Increase Security with Decreasing Budgets

Between 2008 and 2013, state universities across the nation cut spending per student by as much as 50%. How can you keep your campus safe with decreasing budgets and ever shrinking resources? Using ALPR, your agency will discover unmatched force multiplying and officer efficiency advancements, helping agencies like yours increase productivity. Real-time alerting using customizable license plate hotlists allow your agency to monitor for and capture offenders such as known trespasers, gang members and their affiliates, as well as narcotic dealers.

Learn how 3M Back Office Portal can further increase the effectiveness of any ALPR deployment with limited hardware investment.

Solutions for Campuses Big and Small

Solutions for Campuses Big and Small

Every campus is unique, and 3M is dedicated to giving you the tools that help you protect the lives and safety of each person who steps foot on your campus. Whether your school is located in the countyside or in the middle of a bustling city, 3M's innovative ALPR solutions are customized to solve the challenges facing your campus security initiatives. College campus customers located in numerous US states are utilizing 3M ALPR systems and Software, to create the best deployment and coverage for their unique needs.

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