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Taming the Rat's Nest

July 2014
Data centers are leading the way in satisfying the need for speed, with many becoming the first adopters of 40G and 100G networks. The deployment of these super-high-speed networks creates fiber-rich environments in the data center, meaning that a lot more fiber cable will be packed into existing footprint, all of which passes through the main distribution frame (or cross-connect).

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The Legacy of Staying Relevant - Two Legacies Leading Verizon's Network Transformation

July 2014
We also worked on our fiber overlay strategy in those types of buildings. There’s a lot of concern about aesthetics when we’re introducing fiber and cabling where it didn’t previously exist. So we worked with 3M to develop products to run down hallways with the 3M One Pass. Then, we could get down the hallway efficiently -- one time -- instead of having to build molding systems.

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