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3M™ Pre-terminated Trunk Cable Assemblies

3M(TM) Singlemode Multi-fiber Trunk Cable Assembly
3M(TM) Singlemode Multi-fiber Trunk Cable Assembly
3M(TM) Singlemode Multi-fiber Trunk Cable Assembly
3M offers multi-fiber pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies to ease and speed installation for indoor singlemode fiber networking applications. The product range includes assemblies terminated on both ends with multi-fiber push-on (MPO) style connectors or one end with MPO and the other end with furcated legs terminated to SC/APC connectors.
Multi-fiber trunk cable assemblies are designed to work with 3M MPO Fanout Panel Mount Modules and MPO Fanout Rack Mount Shelves. This provides easy configuration and plug-and-play connectivity for backbone network configurations. All singlemode multi-fiber trunk products are designed to the highest standards and low-loss specifications with straight-through fiber polarity so network design and high performance installations are made easy.
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Part Number3M IDJacket TypeFiber CountConnector First EndLengthLength (Metric)
DMEME-SPYL04680611484082Round8MPO150 Linear Foot46 m
DMEME-SPYL06180611484090Round8MPO200 Linear Foot61 m
DMEME-SPYL07680611484108Round8MPO250 Linear Foot76 m
DEPME-SPYL09180611484231Round8SC/APC300 Linear Foot91 m
DEPMP-RAYL27480611481435Armored12SC/APC898 Linear Foot274 m
DEPME-SAYL01580611484249Armored8SC/APC50 Linear Foot15 m
DEPME-SAYL06180611484272Armored8SC/APC200 Linear Foot61 m
DMEME-SPYL09180611484116Round8MPO300 Linear Foot91 m
DEPMP-RAYL01580611484009Armored12SC/APC50 Linear Foot15 m
DEPME-SPYL03080611484199Round8SC/APC100 Linear Foot30 m
DEPMP-RPYL06180611483977Round12SC/APC200 Linear Foot61 m
DMPMP-RPYL04680611483845Round12MPO150 Linear Foot46 m
DEPMP-RAYL36580611481443Armored12SC/APC1197 Linear Foot365 m
DEPMP-RPYL36580611481419Round12SC/APC1197 Linear Foot365 m
DEPME-SAYL03080611484256Armored8SC/APC100 Linear Foot30 m
60 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Cable Application‎‎ Trunk
 Color‎‎ Yellow
 Connector First End‎‎ MPO,‎ SC/APC
 Connector Second End‎‎ MPO
 Fiber Bend Specification‎‎ G.657 A2/B2
 Fiber Count‎‎ 8,‎ 12
 Flame Rating‎‎ Plenum
 Jacket Type‎‎ Round,‎ Armored
 Length‎‎ 50 Linear Foot,‎ 200 Linear Foot,‎ 300 Linear Foot,‎ 150 Linear Foot,‎ 600 Linear Foot,‎ 898 Linear Foot,‎ 250 Linear Foot,‎ 1197 Linear Foot,‎ 100 Linear Foot
 Length (Metric)‎‎ 15 m,‎ 46 m,‎ 365 m,‎ 76 m,‎ 61 m,‎ 45 m,‎ 30 m,‎ 274 m,‎ 183 m,‎ 91 m
 Location‎‎ Indoor
 Mode Type‎‎ Singlemode
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Enterprise Network: POLS,‎ Enterprise Network: Data Center,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: CO/POP