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3M™ Fiber Patch Cords

3M(TM) Fiber Patch Cord
3M(TM) Fiber Patch Cord
3M(TM) Fiber Patch Cord ADAEP-ARYL003
Fiber patch cords are pre-terminated with SC/APC, SC/UPC or LC/UPC connectors and have simplex and duplex, singlemode and multimode options. They are available in a variety of lengths.
The glass cladding around the core is reduced in size and surrounded with a permanent and protective polymer coating, resulting in a standard 125 μm fiber diameter. This provides a quality connection.
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Part Number3M IDFlame RatingLengthConnector First EndConnector Second EndFiber Size
BDUDU-AWAQ00380611479611Riser3 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC50/125 µm
BDUDU-AWAQ00580611479629Riser5 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC50/125 µm
BDUDU-AWAQ01080611479637Riser10 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC50/125 µm
ADTDT-CRYL00580611479348Riser5 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC9/125 µm
AEPEP-ARYL00180611479207Riser1 Linear FootSC/APCSC/APC9/125 µm
AEPEP-ARYL00580611479223Riser5 Linear FootSC/APCSC/APC9/125 µm
AEPEP-CSIV00380611479363Plenum9 Linear FootSC/APCSC/APC9/125 µm
ADADA-CRYL01080611479314Riser10 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC9/125 µm
ADTDT-CRYL01080611479355Riser10 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC9/125 µm
ADAEP-ARYL00380611479173Riser3 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/APC9/125 µm
ADAEP-ARYL00180611479165Riser1 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/APC9/125 µm
AEPEP-ARYL01080611479231Riser10 Linear FootSC/APCSC/APC9/125 µm
AEPEP-CSIV01080611479371Plenum32 Linear FootSC/APCSC/APC9/125 µm
BDUDU-AWAQ00180611479603Riser1 Linear FootSC/UPCSC/UPC50/125 µm
AEPEP-ARYL00380611479215Riser3 Linear FootSC/APCSC/APC9/125 µm
24 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Cable Application‎ Horizontal‎
 Cable Type‎ Duplex‎ ,  Simplex‎
 Color‎ Ivory‎ ,  Yellow‎ ,  Aqua‎
 Connector First End‎ SC/UPC‎ ,  SC/APC‎
 Connector Second End‎ SC/UPC‎ ,  SC/APC‎
 Fiber Bend Specification‎ OM3‎ ,  G.657 A2/B2‎
 Fiber Count‎ 1‎
 Fiber Size‎ 9/125 µm‎ ,  50/125 µm‎
 Flame Rating‎ Plenum‎ ,  Riser‎
 Jacket Outside Diameter‎ 2.0 mm‎
 Jacket Type‎ Round‎
 Length‎ 5 Linear Foot‎ ,  10 Linear Foot‎ ,  32 Linear Foot‎ ,  1 Linear Foot‎ ,  9 Linear Foot‎ ,  3 Linear Foot‎
 Length (Metric)‎ 10 m‎ ,  3 m‎
 Location‎ Indoor‎
 Mode Type‎ Singlemode‎ ,  Multimode‎