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3M™ SLiC™ End Seals

SLiC Rubber End Seal Kits
SLiC Rubber End Seal Kits
3M(TM) SLiC(TM) Closure Rubber aEnd Seal Triple Port SLiC-ES/5TC
3M(TM) SLiC(TM) Closure Rubber End Seal Triple Port SLiC-ES/7TC
3M(TM) SLiC(TM) Spiral End Seal for 5" SLiC Closures & Terminals
The 3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Closures and Terminals are offered with spiral end seals or rubber end seals. Both options ensure a snug fit on the cables and virtually eliminate the need for drip collars.
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14 Results (Displaying results 1-14)
Part Number3M IDEnd Seal Type
SLIC-ES/2DC80610414874Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-ES/5DC80610578165Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-ES/5TC80610414890Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-ES/3TC80610414908Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-ES/3DC80610581755Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-5-SES80610760482Spiral End Seal    
SLIC-2-SES80610760466Spiral End Seal    
SLIC-ES/7TC80610414882Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-3-SES80610760474Spiral End Seal    
SLIC-ES/7DC80610416994Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-7-SES80610760490Spiral End Seal    
SLIC-ES/3SC80610581748Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-ES/2SC80610581730Rubber End Seal    
SLIC-ES/5SC80610771968Rubber End Seal    
14 Results (Displaying results 1-14)



 Applications‎ Aerial Strand Mount‎
 Compatible With‎ SLiC™ 5.6 x 33‎ ,  SLiC™ 3.6 x 33‎ ,  Rubber End Seal SLiC™ Terminals‎ ,  SLiC™ Fiber Closures‎ ,  Rubber End Seal SLiC™ Closures‎ ,  Spiral End Seal SLiC™ Closures‎ ,  SLiC™ Copper Terminals‎ ,  SLiC™ Fiber Terminals‎
 Diameter‎ 3‎ ,  2‎ ,  7‎ ,  5‎
 Encapsulated‎ No‎
 End Seal Type‎ Spiral End Seal‎ ,  Rubber End Seal‎
 Flame Retardant‎ No‎
 Indoor/Outdoor‎ Outdoor‎
 Number of Ports‎ 3‎ ,  2‎ ,  1‎ ,  5‎ ,  4‎
 Product Type‎ End Seal‎
 Trademark‎ SLiC‎