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3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Terminal with ATS/TR Block

3M(TM) SliC(TM) Aerial Terminal 530
3M(TM) SliC(TM) Aerial Terminal 530
3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Terminals are distribution terminals and closures contained within a lightweight, double-walled plastic housing. All three sizes of terminals are offered with rubber end seal (RES) or spiral end seal (SES) versions to ensure a snug fit on cables, virtually eliminating the need for drip collars.
3M™ SLiC™ Aerial Terminal 328 is an aerial, strand-mount, free-breathing terminal for copper application. The terminal can be used in inline or butt splicing configurations and can be installed very close to a pole for easy access. A new feature of this terminal is the easy-to-open latch and place for security lock if necessary. The 328 terminal closure is comprised of two separate chambers, a distribution cable splice chamber and a drop termination chamber. The terminal chamber is designed to accommodate up to 10-pair configurations of multi-pair (3M™ IDC Block ATS/TR Block) or single-pair 3M™ Terminal Blocks MX2000. The double-wall molded closures are available with two types of end seals (spiral or rubber). The end seals of the SLiC terminals are designed to assure proper sizing and a snug fit around the cable sheath. This virtually eliminates the need for drip collars to prohibit water from entering the splice chamber. The terminal can be extended easily in both directions by cutting a standard 3.6” X 33” or 5.6"x33" SLiC closure in half.
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Part Number3M IDEnd Seal TypeTerminal SizeTerminal Pair CountConnection Type
328-PI-50-TR/SES80611307044Spiral End Seal32850 pairIDC
328-PI-10-TR/SES80611307002Spiral End Seal32825 pairIDC
530-PI-5-TR/SES80611307085Spiral End Seal53025 pairIDC
328-PI-25-TR/SES80611307028Spiral End Seal32825 pairIDC
530-PI-10-TR/RES80611312200Rubber End Seal53025 pairIDC
328-PI-20-SR/RES80611310444Rubber End Seal32825 pairIDC
530-PI-10-TR/SES80611307051Spiral End Seal53025 pairIDC
530-PI-25-TR/RES80611312218Rubber End Seal53025 pairIDC
319-PI-10-TR/RES80611317720Rubber End Seal31910 pairIDC
328-PI-10-TR/RES80611303969Rubber End Seal32825 pairIDC
328-PI-5-TR/SES80611307036Spiral End Seal32825 pairIDC
530-PI-25-TR/SES80611307077Spiral End Seal53025 pairIDC
319-PI-5/RES80611319502Rubber End Seal31910 pairIDC
530-PI-50-TR/RES80611312226Rubber End Seal53050 pairIDC
328-PI-50-TR/RES80611303993Rubber End Seal32850 pairIDC
17 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Applications‎‎ Aerial Strand Mount
 Block Type‎‎ Multi Pair
 Connection Type‎‎ IDC
 Encapsulated‎‎ No
 End Seal Type‎‎ Spiral End Seal,‎ Rubber End Seal
 Extendable‎‎ Yes
 Flame Retardant‎‎ No
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Outdoor
 Product Type‎‎ Terminal Closure Kit
 Sheath Retention‎‎ Yes,‎ No
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor
 Terminal Block Pair Count Provided‎‎ 10 pair ATS/TR block,‎ 20 pair ATS/TR Block,‎ 50 pair ATS/TR Block,‎ 5 pair ATS/TR block,‎ 25 pair ATS/TR block
 Terminal Size‎‎ 530,‎ 328,‎ 319
 Trademark‎‎ SLiC