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3M™ One Pass Hallway Fiber Pathway

3M(TM) One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct on Spool
3M(TM) One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct on Spool
3M(TM) One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct SC-APC
3M(TM) One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct - No Term
3M(TM) One Pass Fiber Pathway No Term
3M™ One Pass Hallway Fiber Pathway is a horizontal cable pathway and drop cable solution installed simultaneously in one pass around a hallway perimeter.
One Pass is designed for use in brownfield Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) and Multi-Tenant Units (MTUs) serviced by FTTH networks. Available in a variety of lengths, preloaded with 6 or 12 fibers and factory terminated at one end with SC/APC or MPO connectors with an option for no connector.
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Part Number3M IDCable LengthFiber CountFiber Color CodeConnector TypeInstallation Orientation
HALL-100-06-02-SCA-LH-IV80611335722100 Linear Foot6Colors 7-12SC/APCLeft Hand
HALL-300-06-02-SCA-LH-IV80611335821300 Linear Foot6Colors 7-12SC/APCLeft Hand
HALL-200-06-02-SCA-RH-IV80611335789200 Linear Foot6Colors 7-12SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-100-06-02-SCA-RH-IV80611335730100 Linear Foot6Colors 7-12SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-300-06-02-SCA-RH-IV80611335839300 Linear Foot6Colors 7-12SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-200-12-03-SCA-LH-IV80611335599200 Linear Foot12Colors 1-12SC/APCLeft Hand
HALL-300-06-01-SCA-LH-IV80611335805300 Linear Foot6Colors 1-6SC/APCLeft Hand
HALL-200-06-01-SCA-LH-IV80611335755200 Linear Foot6Colors 1-6SC/APCLeft Hand
HALL-200-12-03-SCA-RH-IV80611335607200 Linear Foot12Colors 1-12SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-100-12-03-MPO-RH-IV-01-D80611495484100 Linear Foot12Colors 1-12MPORight Hand
HALL-100-06-01-SCA-RH-IV80611335714100 Linear Foot6Colors 1-6SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-300-06-01-SCA-RH-IV80611335813300 Linear Foot6Colors 1-6SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-200-06-02-SCA-LH-IV80611335771200 Linear Foot6Colors 7-12SC/APCLeft Hand
HALL-300-12-03-SCA-RH-IV80611335540300 Linear Foot12Colors 1-12SC/APCRight Hand
HALL-100-12-03-MPO-LH-IV-01-D80611495476100 Linear Foot12Colors 1-12MPOLeft Hand
25 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Cable Length‎‎ 200 Linear Foot,‎ 300 Linear Foot,‎ 100 Linear Foot
 Connector Type‎‎ Unconnectorized,‎ MPO,‎ SC/APC
 Duct Color‎‎ Ivory
 Duct Material‎‎ PVC
 Fiber Color Code‎‎ Colors 1-12,‎ Colors 7-12,‎ Colors 1-6
 Fiber Count‎‎ 6,‎ 12
 Installation Orientation‎‎ Left Hand,‎ Bi-directional,‎ Right Hand
 Location‎‎ Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) and Multi-Tenant Unit (MTU)
 Placement Location‎‎ Hallway
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Enterprise Network: POLS