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3M™ High-performance Fiber Cables

3M™ High Performance Fiber Cable, Round Riser
3M™ High Performance Fiber Cable, Round Riser
3M™ High Performance Fiber Cable, Single Fiber
3M™ High Performance Fiber Cable, Zipcord
3M™ High Performance Fiber Cable, Armored Plenum
The 3M portfolio of singlemode fiber cables features the latest in fiber technology and provides unsurpassed performance to meet the needs of versatile indoor and customer-owned outside plant campus area networking applications.
Indoor fiber designs are constructed with color-coded 900 μm tight-buffered fibers while Indoor/Outdoor cable designs are offered with either 900 μm tight-buffered or 250 μm loose tube fibers. 3M fiber cables support standard installation practices and may be easily terminated on site using 3M innovative field installable mechanical fiber connectors. All 3M singlemode fiber cables are designed with bend-insensitive fibers and our standard product offering includes fiber cables available in both riser-rated, plenum-rated and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) versions for deployment of most indoor applications. Interlocking armored plenum jacketed cables are also available to provide robust protection and one-step installation.
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Part Number3M IDJacket TypeFlame RatingFiber CountIndoor/OutdoorFiber Bend Specification
B3T-RPI-0180611484926RoundPlenum1IndoorG.657 B3
A2T-RLI-0180611480676RoundLow Smoke Zero Halogen1IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RRB-1280611480643RoundRiser12BothG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RPI-1280611483357RoundPlenum12IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RRB-2480611480650RoundRiser24BothG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RPI-2480611483365RoundPlenum24IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RRB-4880611480668RoundRiser48BothG.657 A2/B2
A2T-API-1280611483399ArmoredPlenum12IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RPI-0680611483340RoundPlenum6IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RLI-1280611480692RoundLow Smoke Zero Halogen12IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-ZPI-0280611483373ZipcordPlenum2IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2L-RBB-1280611480759RoundLow Smoke Zero Halogen12BothG.657 A2/B2
A2T-API-2480611483407ArmoredPlenum24IndoorG.657 A2/B2
A2T-RPI-0180611483324RoundPlenum1IndoorG.657 A2/B2
B3T-RPI-0280611484934RoundPlenum1IndoorG.657 B3
24 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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 Cable Diameter‎‎ 7.0 mm,‎ 11.9 mm,‎ 13.0 mm,‎ 5.8 mm,‎ 8.1 mm,‎ 2.9 mm,‎ 10.1 mm,‎ 7.1 mm,‎ 6.0 mm,‎ 14.7 mm,‎ 7.6 mm,‎ 4.7 mm,‎ 2.0 mm,‎ 16.8 mm
 Cable Type‎‎ 250 μm Loose Tube,‎ 900 μm Tight Buffer
 Color‎‎ Black,‎ Yellow
 Fiber Bend Radius‎‎ 7.5 mm,‎ 5.0 mm
 Fiber Bend Specification‎‎ G.657 B3,‎ G.657 A2/B2
 Fiber Count‎‎ 48,‎ 2,‎ 1,‎ 6,‎ 24,‎ 12
 Flame Rating‎‎ Low Smoke Zero Halogen,‎ Plenum,‎ Riser
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Both,‎ Indoor
 Jacket Type‎‎ Round,‎ Armored,‎ Zipcord
 Mode Type‎‎ Singlemode
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Enterprise Network: POLS,‎ Enterprise Network: Data Center,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: CO/POP