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3M™ Foam Sealed Closure Kits

Foam Sealed Closures
Foam Sealed Closures
3M™ Foam Sealed Closures enclose cable plant splices in direct buried, hand hole and man hole applications.
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3M IDMaximum Splice Bundle DiameterClosure Length End to EndMax. Modular Pair CountMaximum Discrete Pair CountShield Bond Connector Included
806111584963.00 Inch28.5 Inch400200 Pair 
806111584883.00 Inch21.5 Inch200100 Pair 
806111585123.90 Inch28.5 Inch600300 pair 
806111584702.00 Inch21.5 Inch10050 
806111585385.70 Inch30.5 Inch1200600 pair 
806111585537.40 Inch30.5 Inch2400900 pair 
806110202172.00 Inch21.5 Inch10050Yes (4460-D) 
7 Results (Displaying results 1-7)
3M™ Scotchlok™ Connectors are required for closure dimensions less than 3x12. For anything larger, 3M™ MS²™ Modules or 3M™ 710 Modules are required. Additionally, 3M™ Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882 is required (amount, by closure size, is specified). It is also required to use the 3M™ E-Z Wrap 2183. Kit Contents: Closure Body Assembly, Insulated Bond Strap, 3M™ Armorcast Structural Material, Scotch® Foam Collar Tape 26-FC, Protective Gloves, Body web with plastic liner, Cable Ties, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Sheath Scuff PN04435, Rip Wires, Vinyl Tape 3/4 Wide, Spacer Web, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Pedestal Base Sealant Kit 4411.


ApplicationsBuried, Underground
Closure Length End to End21.5 Inch, 30.5 Inch, 28.5 Inch
Closure TypeEncapsulated Sealed
Conductor Sizes26 - 24 AWG
Connector TypeDiscrete
Encapsulant Required - Mass700 Gram, 1500 Gram, 7500 Gram, 350 Gram, 2250 Gram, 5250 Gram
Encapsulant Required - Volume5769 Milliliter, 385 Milliliter, 2473 Milliliter, 769 Milliliter, 1648 Milliliter, 8242 Milliliter
Max. Modular Pair Count1200, 100, 2400, 200, 400, 600
Maximum Cable Pair Count900 Pair, 600 Pair, 400 Pair, 300 Pair, 2400 Pair, 200 Pair, 1200 pair, 100 Pair, 50 Pair
Maximum Discrete Pair Count900 pair, 600 pair, 300 pair, 200 Pair, 100 Pair, 50
Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter7.40 Inch, 5.70 Inch, 3.90 Inch, 2.00 Inch, 3.00 Inch
Maximum Splice Opening17.00 Inch, 19.00 Inch, 10.00 Inch
Product TypeClosure Kit