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3M™ Foam Sealed Closure Kits

Foam Sealed Closures
Foam Sealed Closures
3M™ Foam Sealed Closures enclose cable plant splices in direct buried, hand hole and man hole applications.
3M™ Scotchlok™ Connectors are required for closure dimensions less than 3x12. For anything larger, 3M™ MS²™ Modules or 3M™ 710 Modules are required. Additionally, 3M™ Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882 is required (amount, by closure size, is specified). It is also required to use the 3M™ E-Z Wrap 2183. Kit Contents: Closure Body Assembly, Insulated Bond Strap, 3M™ Armorcast Structural Material, Scotch® Foam Collar Tape 26-FC, Protective Gloves, Body web with plastic liner, Cable Ties, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Sheath Scuff PN04435, Rip Wires, Vinyl Tape 3/4 Wide, Spacer Web, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Pedestal Base Sealant Kit 4411.
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Part Number3M IDMaximum Splice Bundle DiameterClosure Length End to EndMaximum Discrete Pair Count
FSC8X19/CC24-W/O-HIGHGEL/S806111585537.40 Inch30.5 Inch900 Pair
FSC3X12L/CC-W/O-HIGHGEL/S806111584883.00 Inch21.5 Inch100 Pair
FSC6X19/CC-W/O-HIGHGEL/S806111585385.70 Inch30.5 Inch600 Pair
FSC3X12S/CC-W/O-HIGHGEL/S806111584702.00 Inch21.5 Inch50 Pair
FSC4X19/CC-W/O-HIGHGEL/S806111585123.90 Inch28.5 Inch300 Pair
FSC3X19/CC-W/O-HIGHGEL/S806111584963.00 Inch28.5 Inch200 Pair
6 Results (Displaying results 1-6)



 Applications‎‎ Buried,‎ Underground
 Closure Length End to End‎‎ 28.5 Inch,‎ 21.5 Inch,‎ 30.5 Inch
 Closure Type‎‎ Encapsulated Sealed
 Conductor Sizes‎‎ 26 - 24 AWG
 Connector Type‎‎ Discrete
 Encapsulant Required - Mass‎‎ 700 Gram,‎ 7500 Gram,‎ 1500 Gram,‎ 2250 Gram,‎ 350 Gram,‎ 5250 Gram
 Encapsulant Required - Volume‎‎ 8242 Milliliter,‎ 385 Milliliter,‎ 1648 Milliliter,‎ 2473 Milliliter,‎ 769 Milliliter,‎ 5769 Milliliter
 Encapsulated‎‎ Yes
 Flame Retardant‎‎ No
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Outdoor
 Maximum Cable Pair Count‎‎ 200 Pair,‎ 400 Pair,‎ 900 Pair,‎ 600 Pair,‎ 300 Pair,‎ 100 Pair,‎ 50 Pair,‎ 2400 Pair,‎ 1200 Pair
 Maximum Discrete Pair Count‎‎ 200 Pair,‎ 900 Pair,‎ 600 Pair,‎ 300 Pair,‎ 100 Pair,‎ 50 Pair
 Maximum Modular Pair Count‎‎ 200 Pair,‎ 400 Pair,‎ 600 Pair,‎ 100 Pair,‎ 2400 Pair,‎ 1200 Pair
 Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter‎‎ 5.70 Inch,‎ 3.90 Inch,‎ 3.00 Inch,‎ 2.00 Inch,‎ 7.40 Inch
 Maximum Splice Opening‎‎ 10.00 Inch,‎ 19.00 Inch,‎ 17.00 Inch
 Product Type‎‎ Closure Kit
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: xDSL,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor


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