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3M™ Fiber Dome Terminal Closures (FDTC)

3M(TM) Fiber Dome Terminal Closure FDTC 08ME
3M(TM) Fiber Dome Terminal Closure FDTC 08ME
3M(TM) Fiber Dome Terminal Closure FDTC 08S Direct Splice
Fiber Dome Terminal Closures can accommodate 4, 6 or 8 direct fusion or mechanical spliced drop terminations. These products are a representative sample and are available in custom configurations. Please contact your local distributor for more details.
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Part Number3M IDMaximum Number of PortsExpress Base Port ConfigurationBranch Base Port ConfigurationMaximum Single Fusion Splice CapacityMaximum Mass Fusion Splice Capacity
FDTC-10S-L-00N-01D-B-09-EPNN-C8061138775671 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)5 (18 mm ECAM ports)144 Splices432 Splices
FDTC-08SE-F-00N-01A-E-24-EPNN8061138906710None1 (12 mm ECAM Kit)72 Splices216 Splices
FDTC-08S-E-00N-00N-A-EXP80611382948101 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)8 (12 mm ECAM ports)72 Splices216 Splices
FDTC-08ME-N-02M-00N-B-08-DANN8061139744110None1 (12 mm ECAM Kit)36 Splices108 Splices
FDTC-08S-E-00N-1A-A-06-EPNA80611336233101 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)8 (12 mm ECAM ports)72 Splices216 Splices
FDTC-08M-E-00N-00N-A80611333420101 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)8 (12 mm ECAM ports)36 Splices108 Splices
6 Results (Displaying results 1-6)


The compact 3M™ Fiber Dome Terminal Closure (FDTC) is a hermetically sealed fiber dome terminal closure for aerial, buried above-grade and buried below-grade applications. The oval main cable port accommodates two 20 mm (0.79 inch) all-dielectric or armored cables.


 Branch Base Port Configuration‎ 1 (12 mm ECAM Kit)‎ ,  8 (12 mm ECAM ports)‎ ,  5 (18 mm ECAM ports)‎
 Closure Diameter‎ 10.1 Inch‎
 Closure Height‎ 6.0 Inch‎
 Closure Length‎ 19.0 Inch‎ ,  21.6 Inch‎ ,  21.2 Inch‎ ,  13.0 Inch‎ ,  15.2 Inch‎
 Closure Width‎ 7.2 Inch‎
 Connector Type‎ SC/UPC‎ ,  SC/APC‎
 Drop Termination‎ Internal‎
 ECAM Kit Included - Model Number‎ ECAM-12MM-MF‎
 Express Base Port Configuration‎ 1 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)‎ ,  1 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)‎ ,  None‎
 Family‎ Fiber Dome‎
 Fiber Pigtail Style‎ 900 µm tight buffer tube‎
 Indoor/Outdoor‎ Outdoor‎
 Maximum Mass Fusion Splice Capacity‎ 216 Splices‎ ,  432 Splices‎ ,  108 Splices‎
 Maximum Number of Ports‎ 10‎ ,  7‎
 Maximum Single Fusion Splice Capacity‎ 36 Splices‎ ,  144 Splices‎ ,  72 Splices‎
 Number of Connectors‎ 0‎ ,  6‎ ,  9‎ ,  24‎ ,  8‎
 Number of Drop Terminations Included‎ 0‎ ,  8‎
 Number of Splice Trays Included‎ 1‎ ,  0‎
 Number of Splitters‎ 1, 1x4 PLC, Input Spliced/Output Connectorized‎
 Product Type‎ Terminal Closure‎
 Seal Type‎ Watertight‎
 Splice Configuration‎ Butt‎
 Splice Tray Included - Model Number‎ 2541-48-SF‎ ,  2538-24-SF/72-MF‎
 Splice Type‎ Mechanical‎ ,  Mass Fusion‎ ,  Single Fusion‎
 Splitter Capability‎ Yes‎