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3M™ Fiber Dome Closures (FDC)

3M(TM) Fiber Dome Closure FDC 08S-B
3M(TM) Fiber Dome Closure FDC 08S-B
The Fiber Dome Closure is designed for butt, single or ribbon fiber cable applications. These products are a representative sample. Fiber Dome Closures are available in custom configurations. Please contact your local distributor for more details.
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7 Results (Displaying results 1-7)
Part Number3M IDBranch Base Port ConfigurationExpress Base Port ConfigurationMaximum Number of PortsMaximum Single Fusion Splice CapacityMaximum Mass Fusion Splice Capacity
FDC-08M-B-N0N-01C-C-00-C806114819552 (18 mm ECAM ports), and 1 (12 mm ECAM port)1 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)1072 Splices144 Splices
FDC-12S-F-0NN-01J-N806113322085 (27 mm ECAM ports)1 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)7576 Splices864 Splices
FDC-08S-A-N0N-01A-A806113308638 (12 mm ECAM ports)1 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)1096 Splices288 Splices
FDC-08M-A-N1N-01C-A806113315728 (12 mm ECAM ports)1 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)1072 Splices144 Splices
FDC-10S-E-NN2-01F-E806113829307 (18 mm ECAM ports)None7288 Splices432 Splices
FDC-10S-D-NN0-01F-C806113347825 (18 mm ECAM ports)1 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)7288 Splices432 Splices
FDC-08S-B-N10-01A-C806113802722 (18 mm ECAM ports), and 1 (12 mm ECAM port)1 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit)396 Splices288 Splices
7 Results (Displaying results 1-7)


The compact 3M™ Fiber Dome Closure (FDC) is hermetically sealed for aerial, buried above-grade and buried below-grade applications. It is designed for fiber optic splice closures in the long haul, metro, local access (DSL, HFC, mobile wireless back haul) and FTTP feeder and distribution networks.


 Applications‎‎ Wall Mount,‎ Aerial Strand Mount,‎ Pedestal,‎ Underground,‎ Pole Mount
 Branch Base Port Configuration‎‎ 2 (18 mm ECAM ports), and 1 (12 mm ECAM port),‎ 5 (27 mm ECAM ports),‎ 8 (12 mm ECAM ports),‎ 7 (18 mm ECAM ports),‎ 5 (18 mm ECAM ports)
 Cable Type‎‎ Dielectric
 Closure Diameter‎‎ 10.1 Inch,‎ 13.2 Inch
 Closure Height‎‎ 7.2 Inch
 Closure Length‎‎ 21.3 Inch,‎ 21.6 Inch,‎ 25.9 Inch,‎ 15.2 Inch
 Closure Type‎‎ Dome
 Closure Width‎‎ 6.0 Inch
 Express Base Port Configuration‎‎ 1 (27 mm Double Cable Port/Kit),‎ 1 (20 mm Double Cable Port/Kit),‎ None
 Flame Retardant‎‎ No
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Outdoor
 Maximum Mass Fusion Splice Capacity‎‎ 288 Splices,‎ 432 Splices,‎ 864 Splices,‎ 144 Splices
 Maximum Number of Ports‎‎ 3,‎ 10,‎ 7
 Maximum Number of Splice Trays‎‎ 4 Trays,‎ 8 Trays
 Maximum Single Fusion Splice Capacity‎‎ 288 Splices,‎ 576 Splices,‎ 96 Splices,‎ 72 Splices
 Maximum Splice Capacity‎‎ 48 Splices,‎ 144 Splices,‎ 72 Splices
 Number of Splice Trays Included‎‎ 1 Tray
 Port Size‎‎ 18 mm,‎ 12 mm,‎ 27 mm,‎ 20 mm
 Port Type‎‎ Double Port,‎ Single Port
 Product Type‎‎ Splice Closure
 Seal Type‎‎ Watertight
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Access Network: xDSL,‎ Wireless Network: Backhaul,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor
 Splice Configuration‎‎ Butt
 Splice Tray Included - Model Number‎‎ 2540-12-SF/36-MF,‎ 2542-72-SF-3.0MM,‎ 2539-12-SF,‎ 2541-48-SF-3.0MM,‎ 2538-24-SF/72-MF
 Splice Type‎‎ Mechanical,‎ Mass Fusion,‎ Single Fusion