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3M™ Dome Closure Kits

3M(TM) Re-enterable PST Dome Closure 4608
3M(TM) Re-enterable PST Dome Closure 4608
3M™ Re-enterable PST (Pull N' Shrink Tubing) Dome Closures with gel end seal offer fast, rugged splice protection with easy re-entry. No special tools or flames are needed for installation.
The splice is enclosed in a split polypropylene dome, clamped together with a steel latch and sealed with an O-ring. An expanded rubber tube (PST) is slipped over the base of the enclosure and onto a gel sealing collar. Pulling the plastic rip cord on the PST allows it to shrink to the minimum outside diameter necessary to form a constant tight seal. The kit is available in three sizes, which accommodates splices from 25- to 900-pair and can be used in pedestal, hand hole and pole mount applications. For encapsulated plant, three sizes are available and require 3M™ High Gel Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882 to be ordered separately. It is suggested to use 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connectors and 3M™ MS²™/ 3M™ 710 Modules along with the 3M™ Re-enterable PST (Pull N' Shrink Tubing) Dome Closures.
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9 Results (Displaying results 1-9)
Part Number3M IDSeal TypeMaximum Modular Pair CountMaximum Discrete Pair Count
4606GW80610999270Gel Wrapped300 Pair100 Pair  
460480610859813Re-enterable100 Pair50 Pair  
4606-E80610774780Encapsulated300 Pair100 Pair  
460680610859821Re-enterable300 Pair100 Pair  
4604GW80610999262Gel Wrapped100 Pair50 Pair  
4604-E80610774772Encapsulated100 Pair50 Pair  
4608-E80610774798Encapsulated600 Pair300 Pair  
4608GW80610999288Gel Wrapped600 Pair300 Pair  
460880610859839Re-enterable600 Pair300 Pair  
9 Results (Displaying results 1-9)



 Applications‎ Pedestal‎ ,  Pole Mount‎
 CAD Pedestal‎ CAD 6‎ ,  CAD 8‎ ,  CAD 4‎
 Connector Type‎ Discrete‎
 Depth‎ 5.4‎ ,  2.8‎ ,  3.9‎
 Indoor/Outdoor‎ Outdoor‎
 Length‎ 23.5‎ ,  22.5‎
 Main Cable Size‎ 1.4 to 2.5 Inch‎ ,  0.5 to 1.1 Inch‎ ,  0.9 to 1.6 Inch‎
 Maximum Cable Pair Count‎ 600 Pair‎ ,  300 Pair‎ ,  100 Pair‎
 Maximum Discrete Pair Count‎ 300 Pair‎ ,  100 Pair‎ ,  50 Pair‎
 Maximum Modular Pair Count‎ 600 Pair‎ ,  300 Pair‎ ,  100 Pair‎
 Maximum Number of Drop Ports‎ 2 Drop Ports‎
 Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter‎ 2.80 Inch‎ ,  3.90 Inch‎ ,  5.30 Inch‎ ,  2.50 Inch‎
 Product Type‎ Closure Kit‎
 Re-enterable‎ Yes‎
 Seal Type‎ Re-enterable‎ ,  Gel Wrapped‎ ,  Encapsulated‎
 Shrink Range (min to max)‎ 2.914 to 5.569 Inch‎ ,  2.059 to 4.319 Inch‎ ,  3.866 to 7.069 Inch‎
 Size‎ (H) 22.5 in. x (W) 3.8 in. x (D) 2.8 in.‎ ,  (H) 22.5 in. x (W) 5.6 in. x (D) 3.9 in.‎
 Width‎ 5.6‎ ,  7‎ ,  3.8‎