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3M™ Cloth Roll 241E

3M(TM) Cloth 241E/244E, XE-weight
3M(TM) Cloth 241E/244E, XE-weight
An aluminum oxide abrasive product constructed on a XE weight, firm rayon cloth backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance.
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3M IDUPCMarketplace Formal NameGrade
60000170211000511415441443M™ Cloth 241E, 220 XE-weight220   
60000170153000511415440833M™ Cloth 241E, 60 XE-weight60   
60000170229000511415441513M™ Cloth 241E, 240 XE-weight240   
60000170161000511415440903M™ Cloth 241E, 80 XE-weight80   
60000170237000511415441683M™ Cloth 241E, 320 XE-weight320   
60000170179000511415441063M™ Cloth 241E, 100 XE-weight100   
60000170203000511415441373M™ Cloth 241E, 180 XE-weight180   
60000170195000511415441203M™ Cloth 241E, 150 XE-weight150   
60000170187000511415441133M™ Cloth 241E, 120 XE-weight120   
9 Results (Displaying results 1-9)



 Backing Material‎ Rayon Cloth‎
 Backing Weight‎ XE Weight‎
 Brand‎ 3M™‎
 Coat Type‎ Closed Coat‎
 Color‎ Brown‎
 Converted Form‎ Assembly, Non-Standard Size‎ ,  Segment, Non-Standard Size‎ ,  Sheet, Non-Standard Size‎ ,  Wheel, Non-Standard Size‎ ,  Roll, Non-Standard Size‎ ,  Belt, Non-Standard Size‎
 Grade‎ 220‎ ,  180‎ ,  150‎ ,  240‎ ,  80‎ ,  120‎ ,  60‎ ,  320‎ ,  100‎
 Industries‎ Metalworking‎
 Mineral Type‎ Aluminum Oxide‎