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3M™ Better Buried Closure Kit for Gravity Pour

3M(TM) Better Buried Closure Partial Kit
3M(TM) Better Buried Closure Partial Kit
3M™ Better Buried Closures are rigid body splice closures designed for direct burial. When filled with 3M™ High-Gel Re-enterable Encapsulating Compound 8882, the closure can be re-entered for splice re-work.
It is suggested to use 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connectors and 3M™ MS² ™/ 3M™ 710 Modules along with the Better Buried Closures. This kit includes all necessary components and encapsulant for inline branch and butt configurations. Kit Contents: 3M™ Scotchlok™ Shield Bond Connectors 4460-D or 4462-FN, 3M™ Better Buried Sleeve Kits, 3M™ High Gel Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882, Hose Clamps, Scotch® All Weather Telephone Vinyl Plastic Tape 88T, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Spacer Web 4430 (for re-entry only), DR Tape, Sheath scuff material, Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Pair Saver 4458 or 4458W, Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Strain Relief Bar Kits 4465 or 4465-L, B Sealing Tape, Bonding Braid, 3M™ Better Buried End Caps, Funnel, Closure Body.
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Part Number3M IDMaximum Splice Bundle DiameterEnd Cap IncludedMaximum Splice Opening - Single Sheath
BB2X12-SB/2SC-LHS806104120432.00 Inch(2) single port5.00 Inch  
BB2X24-SB/2SC-LHS806104120682.00 Inch(2) single port17.00 Inch  
BB2X24-SB/SC,DC-LHS806104120502.00 Inch(1) Single Port17.00 Inch  
BB3X12-SB/2DC-LHS806108633853.00 Inch(2) double port17.00 Inch  
BB3X24-SB/2SC-LHS806104121263.00 Inch(2) single port17.00 Inch  
BB3X24-SB/SC,DC-LHS806104121183.00 Inch(1) Single Port17.00 Inch  
BB4X12-SB/2DC-LHS806109332874.00 Inch(2) double port17.00 Inch  
BB4X24-SB/2SC-LHS806104121754.00 Inch(2) single port17.00 Inch  
BB4X24-SB/SC,DC-LHS806104121674.00 Inch(1) Single Port17.00 Inch  
BB5X26-SB/2SC-LHS806104122255.00 Inch(2) double port19.00 Inch  
BB5X26-SB/SC,DC-LHS806104122175.00 Inch(1) Single Port19.00 Inch  
BB6X26-SB/2DC-LHS806104162426.00 Inch(2) double port19.00 Inch  
BB7X26-SB/2DC-LHS806104162677.00 Inch(2) double port19.00 Inch  
BB7X26-SB/DC,TC-LHS806104162597.00 Inch(1) Double Port, (1) Triple Port19.00 Inch  
BB9X26-SB/2DC-LHS806104162839.00 Inch(2) double port19.00 Inch  
16 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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Approx. Compound Required Mass3000 Gram, 7200 Gram, 12500 Gram, 4500 Gram, 2250 Gram, 1200 Gram, 600 Gram, 15000 Gram, 21000 Gram
Approx. Compound Required Volume1320 Milliliter, 660 Milliliter, 5000 Milliliter, 13750 Milliliter, 3300 Milliliter, 16500 Milliliter, 8300 Milliliter, 2500 Milliliter, 23100 Milliliter
Closure Length End to End28 Inch, 30 Inch, 16 Inch
Closure Size5 x 26 Inch, 3 x 24 Inch, 6 x 26 Inch, 4 x 24 Inch, 4 x 12 Inch, 3 x 12 Inch, 9 x 26 Inch, 2 x 24 Inch, 7 x 26 Inch, 2 x 12 Inch
Connector TypeDiscrete
Cover Length26 Inch, 24 Inch, 12 Inch
Encapsulant IncludedNo
Encapsulation MethodGravity Pour
End Cap Diameter - Multiple Entry Port #11.60 Inch, 3.50 Inch, 1.20 Inch, 2.00 Inch, 2.40 Inch, 4.00 Inch, 2.70 Inch
End Cap Diameter - Multiple Entry Port #22.20 Inch, 1.50 Inch, 2.00 Inch, 2.50 Inch, 1.80 Inch, 1.00 Inch, 0.70 Inch
End Cap Diameter - Multiple Entry Port #32.20 Inch, 1.50 Inch, 2.50 Inch
End Cap Included(1) Single Port, (1) Double Port, (1) Triple Port, (2) single port, (2) double port
Flame RetardantNo
Maximum Cable Pair Count200 Pair, 400 Pair, 900 Pair, 600 Pair, 150 Pair, 75 Pair, 300 Pair, 100 Pair, 50 Pair, 25 pair, 2400 Pair, 1200 Pair
Maximum Discrete Pair Count200 Pair, 150, 400 Pair, 900 Pair, 600 Pair, 300 Pair, 25, 100 Pair, 75, 50
Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter7.00 Inch, 5.00 Inch, 3.00 Inch, 2.00 Inch, 6.00 Inch, 9.00 Inch, 4.00 Inch
Maximum Splice Opening - Double Sheath (Inner)16.00 Inch, 14.00 Inch
Maximum Splice Opening - Double Sheath (Outer)19.00 Inch, 17.00 Inch
Maximum Splice Opening - Single Sheath5.00 Inch, 19.00 Inch, 17.00 Inch
Product TypeClosure Kit
RUS ListedYes/BA