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3M™ Better Buried Closure Kit for Compound Compression

BB Closure in a Mound of Dirt
BB Closure in a Mound of Dirt
3M™ Better Buried Closures are rigid body splice closures designed for direct burial. When filled with 3M™ High-Gel Re-enterable Encapsulating Compound 8882, the closure can be re-entered for splice re-work.
It is suggested to use 3M™ Scotchlok™ Connectors and 3M™ MS² ™/ 3M™ 710 Modules along with the Better Buried Closures. This kit includes all necessary components and encapsulant for inline branch and butt configurations. Kit Contents: 3M™ Scotchlok™ Shield Bond Connectors 4460-D or 4462-FN, 3M™ Better Buried Sleeve Kits, 3M™ High Gel Re-enterable Encapsulant 8882, Hose Clamps, Scotch® All Weather Telephone Vinyl Plastic Tape 88T, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Spacer Web 4430 (for re-entry only), DR Tape, Sheath scuff material, Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Pair Saver 4458 or 4458W, Scotch® Rubber Splicing Tape 23, 3M™ Scotchcast™ Strain Relief Bar Kits 4465 or 4465-L, B Sealing Tape, Bonding Braid, 3M™ Better Buried End Caps, Funnel, Closure Body.
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Maximum Splice Opening - Single Sheath

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Part Number3M IDMaximum Splice Bundle DiameterEnd Cap IncludedMaximum Splice Opening - Single Sheath
BB2X24CC-SB/2SC-LHS806107646822.00 Inch(2) single port17.00 Inch
BB3X24CC-SB/2SC-LHS806108454403.00 Inch(2) single port17.00 Inch
BB4X24CC-SB/2SC-LHS806107646904.00 Inch(2) single port17.00 Inch
BB5X26CC-SB/2SC-LHS806108454575.00 Inch(2) single port19.00 Inch
BB6X26CC-SB/2DC-LHS806107647086.00 Inch(2) double port19.00 Inch
BB7X26CC-SB/2DC-LHS806108454657.00 Inch(2) double port19.00 Inch
6 Results (Displaying results 1-6)



 Applications‎‎ Buried
 Approx. Compound Required Mass‎‎ 3000 Gram,‎ 7200 Gram,‎ 12500 Gram,‎ 4500 Gram,‎ 1200 Gram,‎ 15000 Gram
 Approx. Compound Required Volume‎‎ 1320 Milliliter,‎ 5000 Milliliter,‎ 13750 Milliliter,‎ 3300 Milliliter,‎ 16500 Milliliter,‎ 8300 Milliliter
 Closure Length End to End‎‎ 28 Inch,‎ 30 Inch
 Closure Size‎‎ 5 x 26 Inch,‎ 3 x 24 Inch,‎ 6 x 26 Inch,‎ 4 x 24 Inch,‎ 2 x 24 Inch,‎ 7 x 26 Inch
 Connector Type‎‎ Discrete
 Container Type‎‎ Modular
 Cover Length‎‎ 26 Inch,‎ 24 Inch
 Encapsulant Included‎‎ No
 Encapsulated‎‎ Yes
 Encapsulation Method‎‎ Compound Compression
 End Cap Diameter - Multiple Entry Port #1‎‎ 1.60 Inch,‎ 3.50 Inch,‎ 1.20 Inch,‎ 2.00 Inch,‎ 2.40 Inch,‎ 2.70 Inch
 End Cap Diameter - Multiple Entry Port #2‎‎ 2.20 Inch,‎ 1.50 Inch,‎ 2.00 Inch,‎ 1.80 Inch,‎ 1.00 Inch,‎ 0.70 Inch
 End Cap Diameter - Multiple Entry Port #3‎‎ 2.20 Inch,‎ 1.50 Inch
 End Cap Included‎‎ (2) single port,‎ (2) double port
 Flame Retardant‎‎ No
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Outdoor
 Maximum Cable Pair Count‎‎ 200 Pair,‎ 400 Pair,‎ 900 Pair,‎ 600 Pair,‎ 300 Pair,‎ 100 Pair,‎ 50 Pair,‎ 1200 Pair
 Maximum Discrete Pair Count‎‎ 200 Pair,‎ 400 Pair,‎ 600 Pair,‎ 300 Pair,‎ 100 Pair,‎ 50 Pair
 Maximum Modular Pair Count‎‎ 200 Pair,‎ 400 Pair,‎ 900 Pair,‎ 600 Pair,‎ 100 Pair,‎ 1200 Pair
 Maximum Splice Bundle Diameter‎‎ 7.00 Inch,‎ 5.00 Inch,‎ 3.00 Inch,‎ 2.00 Inch,‎ 6.00 Inch,‎ 4.00 Inch
 Maximum Splice Opening - Double Sheath (Inner)‎‎ 16.00 Inch,‎ 14.00 Inch
 Maximum Splice Opening - Double Sheath (Outer)‎‎ 19.00 Inch,‎ 17.00 Inch
 Maximum Splice Opening - Single Sheath‎‎ 19.00 Inch,‎ 17.00 Inch
 Product Type‎‎ Closure Kit
 Re-enterable‎‎ Yes
 RUS Listed‎‎ Yes/BA
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: xDSL,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: Outdoor