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3M™ 2178 Series Closures

3M(TM) 2178 Fiber Optic Splice Case Family
3M(TM) 2178 Fiber Optic Splice Case Family
3M(TM) Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2178-XL, white background
3M(TM) 2178-SL Fiber Optic Splice Case
3M(TM) Fiber Optic Splice Case 2178-XLB
3M(TM) Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2178-XSB, white background
3M™ Fiber Optic Splice Closure 2178 is engineered to meet common needs and field conditions, with different sizes to accommodate varying splice counts. 2178 Closures are made of a tough chemical-resistant material and have a gasket seal, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications. All 2178 closures are designed to be easy to install, easy to use and easy to re-enter.
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Part Number3M IDSplice ConfigurationMaximum Number of PortsFlame RetardantMaximum Single Fusion Splice CapacityMaximum Mass Fusion Splice Capacity
2178-S/4LUG80611486616Butt, Inline6No96 Splices288 Splices
2178-SL80611486640Butt, Inline6No96 Splices288 Splices
2178-XSB-EG-1T-6PGA80611486756Butt3No48 Splices288 Splices
2178-LS-217280611486558Butt, Inline6No288 Splices864 Splices
2178-S+8180611486624Butt, Inline6No96 Splices288 Splices
2178-XSB-EG-0T80611486731Butt3No48 Splices288 Splices
2178-XL80611486665Butt, Inline12No576 Splices1728 Splices
2178-XSB-EG-2T80611486764Butt3No48 Splices288 Splices
2178-LL/4LUG80611486509Butt, Inline6No288 Splices864 Splices
2178-XLB-B-02-01G-30N-0N80611486681Butt3No96 Splices432 Splices
2178-S80611486608Butt, Inline6No96 Splices288 Splices
2178-S-217280611486632Butt, Inline6No96 Splices288 Splices
2178-XSB-EG-1T80611486749Butt3No48 Splices288 Splices
2178-LS+8180611486541Butt, Inline6No288 Splices864 Splices
23 Results (Displaying results 1-15)
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  • Full range of sizes - Fits your specific application
  • No special tools required (standard torque wrench) - Easy installation and re-entry
  • Constructed of a highly chemical-resistant material - Can be deployed in most applications: buried, underground and aerial
  • Gasket seals - Reusable for easy re-entry
  • Unique strength member clamp assembly - Prevents cable sheath movement with temperature changes
  • Spacious fiber management areas - All closures provide separate areas for routing, protecting and expressing buffer tubes and ribbon fibers
  • Flexible drop or cable addition - Multiport grommets provide entry for drops or cables
  • Flame-retardant materials - All 2178 closures are available in a flame-retardant model, giving you even more application choices (Flame Retardant Material: UL-94V-0)


 Applications‎‎ Manholes,‎ Vault,‎ Wall Mount,‎ Aerial Strand Mount,‎ Pedestal,‎ Underground,‎ Pole Mount
 Cable Type‎‎ Dielectric
 Closure Height‎‎ 4.6 Inch,‎ 11.3 Inch,‎ 11.0 Inch,‎ 4.7 Inch,‎ 8.0 Inch,‎ 5.8 Inch
 Closure Length‎‎ 27.0 Inch,‎ 21.9 Inch,‎ 14.6 Inch
 Closure Type‎‎ Bolted Half
 Closure Width‎‎ 13.3 Inch,‎ 10.1 Inch,‎ 8.5 Inch
 Compatible With‎‎ 2178 Series,‎ Better Buried Closures,‎ 2-Type 505 Closures
 Flame Retardant‎‎ No
 Grommet Included - Model Number‎‎ 2178-6PGA
 Indoor/Outdoor‎‎ Outdoor
 Maximum Mass Fusion Splice Capacity‎‎ 1728 Splices,‎ 288 Splices,‎ 432 Splices,‎ 864 Splices
 Maximum Number of Drop Ports‎‎ 3,‎ 6,‎ 12
 Maximum Number of Ports‎‎ 3,‎ 6,‎ 12
 Maximum Number of Splice Trays‎‎ 2 Trays,‎ 4 Trays,‎ 12 Trays
 Maximum Single Fusion Splice Capacity‎‎ 288 Splices,‎ 576 Splices,‎ 48 Splices,‎ 96 Splices
 Number of Splice Trays Included‎‎ 2 Trays,‎ None,‎ 1 Tray
 Product Type‎‎ Splice Closure,‎ Accessory
 Seal Type‎‎ Watertight,‎ Sealed
 Solution for‎‎ Access Network: FTTH/FTTB/CATV,‎ Access Network: xDSL,‎ Wireless Network: Backhaul,‎ Long-haul/Metro Loop Network: CO/POP
 Splice Configuration‎‎ Inline,‎ Butt
 Splice Tray Included - Model Number‎‎ 2527,‎ 2532
 Splice Type‎‎ Mass Fusion,‎ Single Fusion
 Trademark‎‎ 3M