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3M Window Insulator Film Instructions

Having trouble with the last fold on your window insulator film? Film can be difficult to separate
due to static cling. Here is a quick trick to help unfold the film:

Clean window or glass panels

1. Apply a piece of tape to one corner. Let the tape overlap the film to create a tab.

Clean window or glass panels

2. Flip the film over.

Clean window or glass panels

3. Apply a second piece of tape on the reverse side, offset from the first piece.

Clean window or glass panels

4. Gently pull the two pieces of tape apart to separate the layers of film.

Window Insulator Kit FAQs

Why can't you use a hair dryer on the outdoor window insulator kits?

It is not recommended because it could cause over-shrinking of the film and then cause it to pull away from the tape.

Does it need to be a certain temperature outside to apply an indoor window insulator kit?

You can apply indoor window insulating films in many temperatures, but if the outside temperature is below 0° F, we recommend installing the film on a bright, sunny day.

Can outdoor and indoor window insulator kits be installed on the same window?

Yes. Follow the installation directions for each type of film.

What types of substrates can window insulating film be attached to?

The window insulator kit can be used on painted, stained or varnished window trim (molding). Do not apply the window insulator kit tape to painted walls.

How can I remove condensation that has built up under outdoor window insulating film?

To remove condensation, light a match and blow it out. While it is still hot, poke the head of the match carefully through the film in each corner. The match will melt the film and the holes will allow the moisture/condensation to escape. If moisture is still present after 2 to 3 days, make more holes (2 to 3) in each corner.

Can I clean window insulator film?

Yes. Use a soft cloth with any window cleaner. Remember not to use too much pressure which may cause the film or tape to come off the trim.

What is the difference between indoor window insulator kits and outdoor window insulator kits?

The film used in indoor window insulator kits is heat shrink film that can be stretched and shrunk with a hair dryer. The film used in an outdoor window insulator kit should not be shrunk with a hair dryer (this could cause over-shrinking when sunlight heats the film). Additionally, the tape used in the outdoor kits is designed to stand up to colder temperatures.

How can I open the window insulator kit film when it is stuck together from static cling?

The sheets of film used in the larger kits are cut after they are folded once, making it difficult to separate at times. The best way to separate the film is to make "tabs" from two pieces of tape to help pull the film apart.