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Take comfort in 3M energy solutions.

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Window Insulator Kits

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Window & Door Seals

Window Film Energy Savings

Energy Saving
Window Film

A summer of savings. Five simple things you can do to save money all summer long.

Have a Fan Plan

In the summer, set your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise to help keep your house cool.

Get Fired Up

Grill meals outside so you don’t heat up the kitchen and make your cooling system work harder.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

Apply 3M™ Ultra Clear Energy Saving Window Film to your windows to block the heat and help reduce cooling costs.

Hang Out

Give your dryer the day off and hang your laundry outside to dry.

Grow Away

You don’t need a lot of space to create a garden and grow your own food. Enjoy fresh produce and save on your grocery bill.

3M Window Insulator Film Instructions

3M™ Ultra Clear Energy Saving Window Film is easy to apply with water or glass cleaner.

Clean window or glass panels

1. Prep

Clean window or glass panels

Clean window or glass panels

2. Apply

Separate 1/3 of liner using tape and apply to the window leaving a 1-inch overlap

Clean window or glass panels

3. Trim

Cut straight edges using cutting tool and squeegee

Clean window or glass panels

4. Smooth

Squeegee out any remaining air bubbles

Carefully read full instructions before installing.

Energy Saving Window Film FAQs

Do I need any tools other than the ones included in the kit?

The squeegee and cutting tool are included but you will also need a few more common household items: a pair of scissors, a non-aerosol glass cleaner and a low lint cloth to clean the window before applying the film. You can use glass cleaner or a spray bottle of water to wet the glass surface for installation. Cut-resistant gloves are recommended when using the cutting blade.

Does it matter whether I use water or window cleaner to apply the film?

No, you can use either water or non-aerosole glass cleaner and get great results. Window cleaner will provide more lubrication for a slightly easier application. For best performance, be sure to wet the window very generously.

Why are there bubbles and how can they be removed?

Bubbles form when there are small pockets of air or liquid between the film and window. Wetting the window thoroughly prior to film application will help the squeegee remove bubbles with ease. If large bubbles persist, peel back a portion of the film, rewet the glass, and squegee the film again.

Which side of the window do I apply the film, inside or outside?

Only use window film on the interior face of the window.

How do I clean my window after film has been applied?

The film can be cleaned with regular non-aerosol window cleaner. Allow a 24-hour drying period after installation before cleaning the film for the first time.

Can I remove the window film, and will it leave a residue?

Yes, the film can be easily removed. Residue should be minimal, and can be easily removed with regular window cleaner.

After I installed my film, parts of the window appear foggy or hazy. Will this go away?

Yes, the haze is temporary. As the water or window cleaner dry, the haze will fade. All haze should be gone within 72 hours after application.

What if my window is bigger than the film?

You should not install this film on a window larger than the film sheet. Do not install multiple sheets of film on any windows

Is the film reusable?

No, the film is not reusable, however, it can be readjusted while wet during initial installation.

Does this film help protect my furniture and flooring?

Yes, the light view blocks up to 98% of UV rays and dark view and mid view films block up to 99% of UV rays. UV rays are considered a leading cause of furniture fading so blocking UV rays can slow the fading process.

Can I use window film on skylights?

Yes, window film can be applied the same way to skylights, but an additional person is required to aidin overhead installation. Please use extra caution when installing window film in hard-to-reach or overhead windows.

How do I remove the liner?

Take two pieces of clear tape or masking tape and stick one on each side of the edges of the film. Separate the liner from the film by pulling each side of tape away from one another.

Can I use paper towels to clean my window before installation?

No, paper towels will leave behind traces of lint that will be caught behind the window film yielding undesirable results. We highly recommend a low lint cloth.

What is the warranty on the film?

Limited 90 day warranty plus 60-month thermal shock protection and 40-month seal failure protection. Click here for additional details.

Where can I buy these films?

You can find 3M™ Ultra Clear Energy Saving Window films at select home centers, hardware stores and on line.

Window Insulator Kit FAQs

Why can't you use a hair dryer on the outdoor window insulator kits?

It is not recommended because it could cause over-shrinking of the film and then cause it to pull away from the tape.

Does it need to be a certain temperature outside to apply an indoor window insulator kit?

You can apply indoor window insulating films in many temperatures, but if the outside temperature is below 0° F, we recommend installing the film on a bright, sunny day.

Can outdoor and indoor window insulator kits be installed on the same window?

Yes. Follow the installation directions for each type of film.

What types of substrates can window insulating film be attached to?

The window insulator kit can be used on painted, stained or varnished window trim (molding). Do not apply the window insulator kit tape to painted walls.

How can I remove condensation that has built up under outdoor window insulating film?

To remove condensation, light a match and blow it out. While it is still hot, poke the head of the match carefully through the film in each corner. The match will melt the film and the holes will allow the moisture/condensation to escape. If moisture is still present after 2 to 3 days, make more holes (2 to 3) in each corner.

Can I clean window insulator film?

Yes. Use a soft cloth with any window cleaner. Remember not to use too much pressure which may cause the film or tape to come off the trim.

What is the difference between indoor window insulator kits and outdoor window insulator kits?

The film used in indoor window insulator kits is heat shrink film that can be stretched and shrunk with a hair dryer. The film used in an outdoor window insulator kit should not be shrunk with a hair dryer (this could cause over-shrinking when sunlight heats the film). Additionally, the tape used in the outdoor kits is designed to stand up to colder temperatures.

How can I open the window insulator kit film when it is stuck together from static cling?

The sheets of film used in the larger kits are cut after they are folded once, making it difficult to separate at times. The best way to separate the film is to make "tabs" from two pieces of tape to help pull the film apart.