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Power & Infrastructure

3M has a wide range of power and infrastructure products to meet data center needs including a portfolio of medium voltage products to supply power to and within the data center, static control systems including raised flooring, and other products to help reduce power consumption.

3M™ Medium and Low Voltage Products

3M Medium Voltage Products are used to connect and enhance the reliability and efficiency of the electrical elements found in the Data Center Power Distribution system. The Medium Voltage Cable Accessories product line is used to terminate medium voltage power cables feeding the data center building and connecting critical equipment within the data center.

3M also provides a broad range of products for connecting, terminating, insulating, bundling, and marking low voltage wiring and devices.

3M offers a free, complete analysis for your projects. Just provide the 1-line drawings and cable schedule (for 5kV to 69kV) and 3M will provide take offs detailing what is needed for each splice and termination and can follow up with any needed on-site training and technical support. This service helps to reduce waste and ensure reliability by providing the right products and quantity at the right time to meet project requirements.

See how 3M's Engineering Construction Services can help your data center design (PDF 239KB)
Visit the 3M Electrical Construction website to learn about 3M's complete electrical construction services.
Visit the 3M Electrical Commercial and Industrial website to view the complete line

Static Control Systems

3M offers a comprehensive range of static control products and solutions, from flooring systems, grounding equipment, and monitoring systems to a full 3M™ Static Management Program.

Flooring: The 3M Tile Flooring System 8400 provides a first line of defense against the buildup of static charge on personnel and equipment. Available in raised floor or flat options, the tile has a surface-to-ground resistance between 25 and 1000 MΩ.
3M Static Flooring Datasheet (PDF 94.1KB).

Instrumentation and Diagnostics: Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be a significant issue in data centers and it is important to protect server equipment. 3M offers a comprehensive 3M™ Static Management Program that includes a facility assessment with detailed reports and recommendations, instrumentation and consumable products, and ongoing support tailored to meet your individuals needs.

Workstation and Personnel Solutions: 3M offers a broad line of products to guard against static that includes monitors, ionizers, floor and table matting, and personal grounding products, such as wrist straps.

Visit the 3M Static Control Products website for complete information

EMI-EMC Shielding

3M™ EMI Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes, EMI Absorber Sheets, Flux Field Directional Materials (FFDM), and EMI Gasket Solutions provide EMI Shielding, grounding and/or EMI Absorbing properties that reduce the undesired interference related to EMI.

Within data centers, these products can:

  • Provide electromagnetic compatibility
  • Shield or absorb electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
  • Ground sensitive electronic components and boards
  • Cushion components
  • Protect cables
  • Provide conductive properties

See 3M's EMI/EMC Electronic Materials product line (PDF 3.9MB)
Visit the 3M Electronics website to view the full line.

3M™ Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters

Using innovative 3M technology, the Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A13 is built around the HVAC system needs of our customers with LEED certification and compliance in mind.

Some of the key benefits when using Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A13 are:

  • Using the filter on all outside air intakes and inside air recirculation returns contributes to earning a point in the LEED certification process for new and existing buildings
  • Potential reduction in electrical energy consumption due to the low pressure drop of the Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC filter resulting from the innovative, open filtration media structure, precision pleat structure and a high surface area mini-pleat design
  • Longer filter life than many comparable competitive products due to the unique combination of depth loading filtration media, precision pleat structure and high filter media area
  • Robust filtration in the most extreme commercial office building HVAC environments due to the durable, moisture and humidity resistant, 100% synthetic filtration media, 100% metal free filter design and engineered frame construction
  • Meets UL 900 Class 1 flammability rating (U.S.), UL 900 Class 2 flammability rating (Canada)

Available in 20 different sizes to accommodate filter dimensional needs in most air handling units.

Filtrete Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A13 Mini-Pleat with Gasket (PDF 190KB)
Visit the Filtrete Commercial HVAC Filter Products website for more information