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Fiber Structured Cabling

3M's fiber structured cabling solutions include innovative, field-installable fiber connectors, fiber patch cords and cables, MPO components, and fiber distribution units.

3M™ Crimplok™+ Connectors

No splice. No gel. No adhesives. No kidding.
3M Crimplok+ Connectors provide fast, easy field-installation of the fiber optic network. Make a high-performance connection with no splice, no gel, and no adhesive. Enabling network performance and user productivity, the Crimplok+ connector virtually eliminates the splice point in an easy field-terminated fiber connector and still provides factory performance. 3M innovation delivers a painless polish with the one-step nano finishing system. Excellent optical performace pads the link loss budget for the future high-speed network.

Installation time is faster than fusion splicing with equipment savings of 75% or more. The reliability of the Crimplok+ connector is another key benefit - the mechanical lock has been field proven and in use for more than 20 years in the 3M™ Fibrlok™ II Splice, pre-assembly ensures parts are not lost during installation, and the integrated boot protects long-term performance by preventing the fiber from kinking even during side pull.

This fast-on, fiber connector is available as singlemode SC/UPC and SC/APC.

See the 3M Crimplok+ Connector Datasheet (PDF 330KB)

3M's Fiber Connector Solutions Brochure (PDF 6.49MB)
Learn more about 3M's Crimplok+ Connectors

3M™ No Polish Connectors

The 3M No Polish Connector enables fast, on-site installation of 250µm and 900µm singlemode connections with its one-piece, pre-assembled design. This high-performance SC and LC-compatible fiber connector has a built-in, factory-polished ferrule assembly and a mechanical splice with index-matching gel that is installed with a simple field tool.

The No Polish fiber connector is available as singlemode and multimode SC and LC-compatible connectors.

Visit the 3M Mechanical Connectivity website for complete information

3M™ Hot Melt Connectors

The 3M Hot Melt family of fiber connectors delivers nearly 100% in-field installation yield, consistent and reliable optical performance, and longevity of service.

3M Hot Melt Connectors:

  • Pre-loaded with hot melt adhesive - no epoxy mixing or misplaced adhesive
  • Minimal tools - all tools required come in a small, portable kit
  • Multiple connector options: SC, ST, LC, and FC connectors; 900µm up to 3.0 micron jacketed cable
  • Fast termination procedure - roughly two minutes per installation

3M's Fiber Connector Solutions Brochure (PDF 6.48MB)
Visit the 3M Communication Technologies website to view the complete line

3M™ Fiber Patch Cords

3M provides a variety of singlemode and multimode OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 optical fiber pigtails and fiber patchcords that are compliant with international standards. All cables use LSZH rated material and zirconia ceramic ferrules for highest transmission quality and reliability. The fiber patchcords and pigtails are available with a variety of connector types including LC, LC/APC, SC, SC/APC and ST. The patchcords are available in a range of lengths.

Visit the 3M Communication Networks Europe website to view the complete line

3M™ Volition™ Fiber Cable (Multimode or Singlemode)

3M Volition Optical Fiber Cables are available with either multimode or singlemode fiber and in a number of different formats: indoor/outdoor cable, indoor only, and outdoor only for a range of uses in horizontal cabling, backbones or campus wiring. The Volition optical fiber cable range includes 50/125um OM2, OM3, or OM4, 62.5/125um OM1 multimode or 9/125um singlemode fiber. Indoor or indoor/outdoor cables have jackets that are LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) rated to fulfill the safety requirements for internal cabling. All outdoor and indoor/outdoor fiber cable variants have good resistance to water which is achieved by a combination of an expanding tape and gel filled tubes allowing the cables to be installed in areas where water within ducts is a possibility.

Each category of Volition cable is available in fiber counts ranging from 2 to 48 fibers. As standard, multimode cables are blue and singlemode cables are green.

3M's Indoor and Outdoor Fiber Cabling Products Data Sheet (PDF 130KB)
Visit the 3M Communication Networks Europe website to view the complete line

3M™ Fiber System Solution

The 3M Fiber System Solution is ideal for addressing data center's space constraints, while at the same time providing high fiber connection density. The modular construction combines the highest port density with typical 3M ease of installation. The 19" sub-rack patch MPO panel accommodates up to 4 preterminated modules with a port density of 24 LC connections per module. A total of 96 LC connectors can be connected on one height unit. The rear side of the MPO panel has two entry ports for 12 fiber MPO ribbon backplane cables.

The strain relief of the MPO backplane cable can be fixed with cable ties directly on the backplane of the MPO panel. This allows full front access termination without the need to remove the 19" subrack and does not require a two part sliding construction of the sub-rack. These installer friendly modules are available as preterminated 12- port MPO/LC duplex or as 12 port LC/LC duplex straight through versions. The connection between two panels is made by either MPO/MPO or MPO/LC preterminated backplane 12 fiber ribbon cables with 50/125μm either OM3 cable, OM4 cable, or singlemode fibers inside. The same fiber types are used in the modules.


  • Reduced installation time – MPO connectors are available preterminated, so on-site work is quick and easy, with less room for human error
  • Easy to make future changes – the design of the sub-rack panel means that connections can be made without having to remove the unit from the cabinet or cutting fibers, so future changes can be made with minimal disruption
  • Flexible – With a wide variety of standards and options available, the 3M MPO range meets the challenges of today while providing a flexible system for the future.

See 3M's MPO Solutions Brochure (PDF 692KB)
Visit the 3M Network Solutions Europe website for more information

3M™ Fiber Distribution Solutions

3M™ Fiber Distribution Solutions are used by major network operators all over the world. 3M connection systems can easily be combined with individual frames, racks or cabinets.


  • 3M™ Fiber Distribution System RFO NG: The 3M Fiber Distribution Unit RFO NG provides a centralized point for termination, splicing and/or slack storage and integrated fiber management. It is a high density fiber management system with a 144-fiber. Its modular and totally integrated design allows it to easily expand and grow fiber management one frame, one fiber cabling block, one cassette, or one fiber termination at a time to match the unique configuration, application and timelines of each customer. See how 3M's RFO NG Distributing Frame helps data centers meet high-density needs (PDF 495KB)
  • 3M™ Fiber Distribution Unit 8400 Series: The 8400 series is a flexible, compact solution with options for customization and growth. It consists of four individual fiber distribution units. plus a broad range of coupling plates and fiber management components. The fiber distribution units are designed to provide cross-connect and interconnect between incoming fiber distribution cables and fiber optic equipment. See how 3M's 8400 Fiber Distribution Units can help data centers fiber management (PDF 491KB).

Visit the 3M Communication Technologies website to view the complete line