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From our products to the environment to community involvement, 3M is innovating with the future in mind.

3M is proud of its long-standing commitment to sustainability. Over the past 40 years, 3M has actively pursued the development of products that enable our customers to reduce their impact on the environment while also focusing on reducing our own impact on the environment. Developing product solutions is a key component of 3M’s sustainability strategy and our portfolio of hundreds of products is a living example of 3M’s expertise in inventing products for a better tomorrow. This same commitment extends to 3M’s data center portfolio – we offer products that enable customers to become better environmental citizens.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid

Outstanding environmental profile with no ozone depletion, GWP of less than 1, and an atmospheric life of 5 days.

Commercial Air Filters

3M’s filters use both mechanical blocking and electrostatic technology to capture particles throughout the full depth of the filter, resulting in:

  • Low pressure drop design > Potential energy consumption reduction
  • Longer filter life > Less waste

3M™ Twin Axial Cable Assemblies

Twin Axial Cable Assemblies offer excellent routability, allowing for:

  • Improved airflow, lowering energy costs
  • Higher-density packaging

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids for Liquid Immersion Cooling

Offers advantages in:

  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Higher density (less wasted space)
In one installation in Hong Kong, a PUE of 1.02 was achieved. The energy consumption for cooling was reduced by more than 95% and space was reduced by 10 times compared to traditional data centers.

Sustainability at 3M

Learn about 3M's efforts through products and programs to meet our social responsibilities and reduce our impact on the environment