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Get Support: mobile projectors

3M™ Mobile Projector MP410

3M™ Mobile Projector MP410

If you are unable to find your answer‚ our call center is available 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST‚ Monday through Friday: 1-866-631-1656 or fill out this form.


YouTube Videos

Download the video for MP410: Transferring Files to the Internal Memory (mov, 15.5 MB)
Download the video for MP410: Using the Optional USB Wireless Feature (mov, 23.3 MB)
Download the video for MP410: Projecting from a Computer Using the Computer or USB Cable (mov, 20.5 MB)
Download the video for MP410: Display Files from a USB Memory Stick, microSD Card or Internal Memory (mov, 15.2 MB)
Download the video for MP410: Presenting Wirelessly from Android Devices (mov, 66.8 MB)
Download the video for MP410: Presenting Wirelessly from Apple Products (mov, 37.7 MB)



3M™ Mobile Projector MP410 Devices

With a 3M Mobile Projector, you can connect to virtually any digital device with digital output and share it with others. We've made it easy - just plug in and present.

  1. iPhones® and Video Phones
  2. Tablets
  3. Smartphones
  4. Laptops/PCs/Ultra Mobile PCs
  5. Macintosh Laptops/PCs
Knowledge Base

Clicking the links below will open their targets in a new browser window.





Documentation for 3M MP410 Projector

The 3M™ MP410 Manuals can be viewed or downloaded from the following links.

How to Download

  1. Click the link.
  2. The file will download to your computer and then your PDF viewer will open.
  3. Click the Save button in the PDF viewer and select the location on your computer where you want to place the file.

MP410 Operator's Guide (pdf‚ 9.5 MB)
MP410 Quick Start Guide (pdf‚ 529 KB)
MP410 Flier (pdf‚ 2 MB)

Documentation and Software for USB Wireless Adapter

Here you will find the documents and software associated with the 3M USB Wireless Adapter for MP410. The 3M USB Wireless Adapter is sold separate from the 3M MP410 projector.

How to Download

  1. Click the link.
  2. The file will download to your computer and then your PDF viewer will open.
  3. Click the Save button in the PDF viewer and select the location on your computer where you want to place the file.

Wireless Adapter User Manual
Product Part Number: 78-6972-0104-0

This user manual provides hardware and software installation instruction for the 3M USB Wireless Adapter for 3M MP410 and your computer.
MP410 USB Wireless Adapter User's Manual (pdf‚ 1.4 MB)

Mobishow User Manuals
Mobishow is a mobile app that transmits still images from your mobile device to the projector over a wireless connection. You can find the Mobishow app on Google Play‚ Apple® App Store‚ and Blackberry App World™. Below are user manuals for each platform supported by Mobishow. Within each manual‚ you learn how to install Mobishow onto your mobile device‚ make a wireless connection to 3M MP410 projector and transmit your photos or converted slideshow. If you want to convert Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows and use them with Mobishow‚ download and install the PTG software. The download link is below.

This user manual provides hardware and software installation instruction for the 3M USB Wireless Adapter for 3M MP410 and your computer.
MP410 MobiShow for iPhone® User's Manual (pdf‚ 505 KB)
MP410 MobiShow for Android User's Manual (pdf‚ 522 KB)
MP410 MobiShow for Blackberry User's Manual (pdf‚ 514 KB)

The Trademarks BlackBerry® and BlackBerry App World™ are owned by Research In Motion Limited and are registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. 3M is not endorsed‚ sponsored‚ affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited.

PTG Software
The PTG software converts Microsoft® PowerPoint® slideshows into a file format that Mobishow can use:PTG. The PTG software is only available for computers running Microsoft® Windows®.
PTG software for Windows‚ Revision (ZIP‚ 4.69 MB)



Limited Warranty

This warranty applies to the continental US only. The warranty terms‚ conditions‚ remedy and limitation may vary in other countries. Contact your local 3M Company for warranty information.

The 3M™ Mobile Projector MP410 (the “3M product”) is warranted to be free from defects in material or manufacture for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
All other accessories included with the 3M product are warranted to be free from defects in material or manufacture for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.
Optional product accessories that are not sold as part of the 3M product are subject to individual warranties.


In the event the 3M product fails to conform to the above stated warranties within the applicable warranty period‚ your exclusive remedy shall be‚ at 3M’s option‚ to replace or repair the 3M product or to refund the purchase price of the 3M product. All replaced parts or products become property of 3M. If the product is repaired‚ 3M will repair the defective part(s) with a new or used part(s). If the 3M product is replaced‚ 3M will replace the 3M product with the same or equivalent model and with a new or refurbished 3M product. In the case of an approved warranty claim‚ the replacement 3M product will carry only the remaining term of the original 3M product’s warranty period as stated above. For warranty service‚ you must provide proof of the date of the original purchase else the manufacturing code date will be used to establish the start date of the warranty. The following are exclusions to the above listed warranty:

  1. This warranty does not cover 3M product that is modified or damaged through improper storage‚ misuse‚ abuse‚ accident‚ vandalism‚ improper installation‚ neglect‚ improper shipping‚ damage caused by acts of war‚ disasters such as fire, flood, and lightning, improper electrical current, software problems, interaction with non-3M products, or service other than by an 3M Authorized Service Provider, neglect or mishandling by any person. Normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty.
  2. 3M product is designed to operate in the typical indoor environment. This warranty does not cover 3M product used outside of the following circumstances:
    Operation temperature:
    For 0 – 2500 ft, 5 – 35°C
    For 2500 – 5000 ft, 5 – 30°C
    For 5000 – 10000 ft, 5 – 25°C
    Maximum Humidity:
    Operating: 5°C ~ 35°C, 80%RH (Max.), Non-condensing
    Storage: -20°C ~ 60°C, 80%RH (Max.), Non-condensing
  3. The air intake and exhaust vent must be clear of obstructions. Inadequate air ventilation will cause the 3M product to malfunction or will cause damage to the 3M product which will void the warranty.
  4. This warranty does not cover any additional costs including, but not limited to, those associated with removal, cleaning or installation of the 3M product, adjustments, (mechanical or electronic) made to the 3M product.
  5. This warranty covers only normal use of the product. 24-hour-per-day or other excessive con¬tinual use causes strain and is not considered normal use.
  6. This warranty does not cover consumables (e.g., batteries).
  7. This warranty is not transferable.
  8. 3M is not responsible for warranty service should the 3M label or logo or the rating label or se¬rial number be removed unless otherwise stated in writing for the purposes of private labeling for partnership requirements.
  9. This warranty does not cover postage, insurance, or shipping costs incurred in presenting your 3M product for warranty service. Said costs are the customer's responsibility. If a claimed defect cannot be identified or reproduced in service, the customer may be held responsible for cost incurred. Should your warranty upgrade include a “change out” service and the claimed defect cannot be identified or reproduced by the technician, the customer will be responsible for call out costs.



For warranty support‚ please call or write your local 3M office or a 3M Authorized Service Provider to obtain an RMA # (Return Material Authorization number) before returning the product. If you are inside the Continental United States of America‚ please contact 3M Customer Service at 1-866-631-1656 or email

What 3M Will Do To Correct Problems:

  • If your 3M product requires service‚ 3M will ask you to bring or send the 3M product‚ securely packaged in its original container or equivalent‚ along with proof of the date of original purchase‚ to your 3M Service Dealer or 3M Service Center.
  • 3M will‚ at its option‚ repair or replace the defective unit without charge for parts or labor. Return of the 3M product will be at 3M's expense.
  • When warranty service involves the exchange of the 3M product or of a part‚ the item replaced becomes 3M property.
  • The exchanged 3M product or part may be new or previously refurbished to the 3M standard of quality‚ and at 3M's option‚ the replacement may be another model of like kind and quality.
  • 3M's liability for replacement of the warranted 3M product or part will not exceed the original retail selling price of the 3M product. Exchange or replacement products or parts assume the remaining warranty period of the product covered by this limited warranty.



Connecting and Display other Devices

Q: Can I mirror my iPad® display on the projector?
A: That depends on the iPad®. We have tested the iPad®, iPad2® and iPad3® with the 3M MP410 using an HDMI cable and the Apple® Digital AV Adapter. We were able to mirror display on the iPad2® and iPad3® but not the iPad®. iPad® would only output photo slideshows, playing videos, and Keynote presentation. Other apps that typically output video such as Netflix and YouTube should work also.

Q: Can I use the 3M USB Wireless Adapter for the 3M MP410 projector and mirror the display on my mobile device wirelessly?
A: No. The application for mobile device, MobiShow, can only transmit still images.

Q: Can I access the internet while I am using the MP410 wireless display?
A: When you connect your computer or mobile device to the 3M MP410 projector wireless network, you are no longer connected to the internet. Therefore you can access web pages or file on servers.

Q: Can two or more people display an image at the same time?
A: The 3M MP410 projector can only display one image at a time.

Q: How many people can wirelessly connect to the 3M MP410 projector?
A: 35 people can connect to the 3M MP410 wireless at one time. One can present at a time.

Q: How do I take control of the 3M MP410 image while someone else's image is being displayed?
A: You can start presenting on the 3M MP410 by pressing the play button on the wireless software ( MobiShow Lite for mobile devices and MirrorOp Lite for computers).

Q: Can I download MobiShow for iPhone® and can present the picture on my phone?
A: The MobiShow cannot access the photos taken by your camera. Therefore, you must sync pictures into the Mobishow app using iTunes. For more information, download the user manual for MobiShow of iPhone®.

Q: I found another app by the AWIND, developers of MobiShow, will it work with the 3M MP410 projector and the USB wireless adapter?
A: 3M only tested Mobishow for iPhone®, Android, and Blackberry. We cannot guarantee that other apps will work or not.

Q: What is the Universal I/O port on the Projector and what can I connect to it.
A: The Universal I/O port is the VGA port. The 3M MP410 projector comes with a VGA cable.

Q: What functions does the USB port on the Projector have?
A: The projector has a USB type A connector. This is the same USB connector you find on your computer. Using this USB port, You can

  • Open photos, videos, and music loaded on a USB Flash Drive,
  • Access the projector's internal memory using your computer,
  • Install the 3M USB Wireless Adapter and transmit your computer's image wirelessly,
  • Transmit the image from your computer running Microsoft Windows over a USB cable. This is called DoUSB or Display over USB.

Q: What is DoUSB?
A: DoUSB (or Display over USB) is an alternate to the VGA cable from computer's running Microsoft Windows.

Q: What file formats does the projector support?
A: The projector supports many common image, video and music file formats. Please see the tables below:

Image Formats

Image Type (Ext Name) Sub Type Encode Type Max Pixels Max Size
Jpeg/Jpg Baseline YUV420
No Limitation 2GB
Progressive YUV420
64x panel resolution 2GB
BMP       64x panel resolution
Video Formats
File Format Video Format Profile & Level Max Res Max Bit Rate (bps) Audio Format
MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, DIVX H264 less than 4 reference frames 1080P 20Mbps AC3, DTS, MP1, MP2, MP3, PCM, ADPCM
MOV, MP4 MPEG4   1080P 20Mbps AMR, PCM, ADPCM
WMV WMV3 Baseline, Main 1080P 20Mbps WMA2, WMA3
Audio Formats
Music Type (Ext Name) Sample Rate (KHz) Bit Rate (Kbps)
MP1 8-48 8-320
MP2 8-48 8-320
MP3 8-48 8-320
WMA 22-48 5-320

Q: What size SD card does the 3M MP410 Projector take?
A: The projector take a microSD card that is up to 32GB.

Q: What type of USB cable do I need to access files the internal memory on the projector?
A: The projector has a USB Type A connector. This is the same connector as the USB port on most computers. You will need a USB Type A to USB Type A cable.

Q: What computer resolutions/refresh rates the projector support?
A: The projector supports to following resolutions:

ResolutionRefresh Rate (Hz)Hsync Frequency (KHz)Pixel Clock (MHz)
640 x 35070.08731.46925.75
720 x 40070.08731.46928.322
720 x 40070.08731.46928.322
640 x 48059.94031.46925.75
640 x 48075.00037.5003.500
640 x 48085.00843.26936.000
800 x 60060.3737.87940.000
800 x 60075.00046.87549.500
800 x 60085.0653.67456.250
1024 x 76860.00448.36365.000
1024 x 76875.02960.02378.750
1024 x 76884.99768.67794.500
1280 x 72059.85544.77274.500
1280 x 102460.02063.9808.000
1280 x 102475.02579.97635.000
1280 x 76859.8747.77679.500
1360 x 76860.0547.71285.500
1680 x 105059.95465.290146.250
1440 x 90059.88755.93506.500
1920 x 108060.00067.500148.500
1280 x 80059.8049.70283.500
1280 x 72059.85544.77274.500
720 x 480 p6059.94031.46927.000
720 x 576 p5050.0003.25027.000
1280 x 720 p6060.00045.00074.250
1280 x 720 p5050.00037.50074.250
1920 x 1080 i6060.00033.75074.250
1920 x 1080 i5050.00028.2574.250
1280 x 768 -R6059.99547.39668.250
1280 X 76874.89360.28902.250
1280 X 76884.83768.6337.500
1280 x 800 -R59.9049.3067.000
1280 x 80074.93462.79506.500
1280 x 80084.88071.55422.500
1440 x 90074.98470.63536.750

Q: What is the native resolution?
A: WXGA(1280x800)

Q: What is the maximum resolution?
A: HD (1920 x 1080) or WXGA+ (1440 x 900)

Q: Does the projector have a menu system?
A: There is a menu system that allows you to access files and setup the projector.

Q: How do I clean the projector lens?
A: A cotton swab is a good tool for cleaning the lens. When cleaning the lens‚ hold the lens in place using the focus knob and then gently remove the dust and dirt. Do not use harsh chemicals like acetone because it will damage the lens and other plastic parts.

Q: Can I use this projector in other countries?
A: Yes‚ the power supply has interchangeable power cords and can fit most outlets. Before you plug the power adapter into a wall outlet make sure the outlet voltage is compatible with the voltage rating marked on the power supply.

Q: Can I attach the projector to a tripod?
A: The projector has a standard 20-1/4” tripod mounting point in the event you want to mount the projector to a camera tripod.

Q: Can I replace the lamp?
A: NO. The light source is a LED and cannot be replaced.


How To Tips

Loading the files onto the 3M mobile projector using your computer

Whether your computer is running Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® Mac OS 10, accessing the files on your 3M camcorder projector is quick and easy.

Here is what you need:

  1. 3M Mobile Projector MP410
  2. USB Type A to USB Type A cable (sold separately)
  3. Your computer


  1. Turn on the projector.
  2. Turn on your computer.
  3. Connect the projector to your computer using the USB cable.
  4. When the projector displays USB Connected dialog box, press the down arrow to select Storage Mode and then press OK button.
  5. A new drive will appear in your computer's file browser.
  6. Now you are ready to transfer the files from your computer to the projector.
  7. Once you are done moving you files to your computer, you can disconnect the USB cable and select Internal Memory in the source selection screen.


The image is stretched when displaying a 16:9 DVD
The projector automatically detects the input signal format. It will maintain the aspect ratio of the projected image according to input signal format with an Original setting. If the image is still stretched, adjust the aspect ratio in the Display settings of the Advanced menu in the OSD.

Error LED is blinking amber
A projector fan has failed and the projector will automatically shut down.

TEMP LED is solid amber
The projector has overheated. The display automatically shuts down. Turn the display on again after the projector cools down. If the problem persists, contact 3M™.

TEMP LED is blinking amber
If the projector fan fails, the projector will automatically shut down. Clear the projector mode by pressing and holding the Power button for 10 seconds. Please wait for about 5 minutes and try to power up again. If the problem persists, contact 3M.

The remote control is not operating smoothly or works only within a limited range
The battery may be low. Check if the LED indication from the remote is too dim. If so, replace with a new CR2025 battery.

Status Light Codes

There are three lights on the projector: Power, Temp, and Error. Together, they provide the projector's status. The table below provides the meaning of each code.

Status Lights image
  1. Power Light
  2. Error Light
  3. Temp Light

Projector Status Description Power (Blue/Amber) TEMP (Amber) ERROR (Amber)
Standby modeProjector in Standby mode. Ready to power on.BLUE FlashingOFFOFF
Warming up modeProjector takes some time to warm up and power on.BLUEOFFOFF
LED onProjector in Normal mode, ready to display an image. NOTE: The OSD menu is not ac-cessed.BLUEOFFOFF
Cooling modeProjector is cooling to shutdown.BLUEOFFOFF
Projector overheatedAir vents might be blocked or ambient temperature may be above 35°C. The projector automatically shuts down. Ensure that the air vents are not blocked and that the ambient temperature is within operational range. If the problem persists, contact us.OFFAMBEROFF
Fan breakdownOne of the fans has failed. The projector automatically shuts down. If the problem persists, contact us.OFFAMBER FlashingOFF
LED failureLED shutdown.OFFOFFAMBER