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3M™ Sample Bag

3M™ Sample Bags are manufactured with proven experience and uncompromising quality.

Designed to meet stringent laboratory testing needs, these filtered bags have the strength needed to endure the sample preparation process.

Catalog # Product Description
BP1520F   3M™ Blender Bag BP1520F  3M™ Blender Bag with filter (no wire tie), 15" x 20", 600 oz, 3 ml, 200/case 
BP113S   3M™ Plain Sample Bag BP113S, 5.5 in x 9 in, 22 oz, 3 mil, 1000 per case  BP113S PL SMPL BAG 5.5 x 9, 1000/cs 
BP134S   3M™ Plain Sample Bag BP134S, 4.5 in x 7.5 in, 12 oz, 2.5 mil, 1000 percase  BP134S PL SMPL BAG 4.5x7.5, 1000/cs 
BP41218   3M™ Plain Sample Bag BP41218, 12 in x 18 in, 228 oz, 4 mil, 250 per case  BP41218 PL SMPL BAG 12 x 18, 250/cs 
BP115S   3M™ Printable Sample Bag BP115S, 4.5 in x 9 in, 15 oz, 2.5 mil, 1000 percase  BP115S PR SMPL BAG 4.5 x 9, 1000/cs 
BP701   3M™ Printable Sample Bag BP701, 7 in x 12 in, 55 oz, 3 mil, 1000 percase  BP701 PR SMPL BAG FL 7 x 12,1000/cs 
BP121S   3M™ Sample Bags (BP121S)  Sample Bags, 1000/case (BP121S) 
BP111S   3M™ Sample Bags BP111S  Plain sample bags, 4 oz., 3x7 inch, 1000/case (BP111S) 
BP112S   3M™ Sample Bags BP112S  Plastic Sample Bags, 1000/case (BP112S) 
BP114S   3M™ Sample Bags BP114S  Printable sample bags, 4 oz., 3x7 inch, 1000/case (BP114S) 
BP118S   3M™ Sample Bags BP118S  No filter sample bags, 27 oz., 4.5x12 inch, 1000/case (BP118S) 
BP119S   3M™ Sample Bags BP119S  No filter sample bags, 36 oz., 4.5x19 inch, 1000/case (BP-119S) 
BP123S   3M™ Sample Bags BP123S  Sample Bags, 1000/case (BP123S) 
BP127S   3M™ Sample Bags BP127S  Plastic Sample Bag, 1000/case (BP127S) 
BP912S   3M™ Sample Bags BP912S  Blender Bags, 55 oz, 7x12in, 3 mL, no wire, plain, 1000/case (BP912S) 
BP913S   3M™ Sample Bags BP913S  Blender bags, 55 oz 7x12in, 4 ml, no wire, plain, 1000/cs (BP913S) 
BP914S   3M™ Sample Bags BP914S  Sample Bag, 400/case (BP914S) 
BP1015   3M™ Sample Bags BP1015  PLASTIC SAMPLE BAGS, 1000/CA (BP1015) 
BP1015LP   3M™ Sample Bags BP1015LP  Plastic Sample Bags, 1000/case 
BP41212   3M™ Sample Bags BP41212  Sample Bags, 250/case (BP41212) 
TRB3037   3M™ Turkey Rinse Bag TRB3037  Turkey Rinse Bag, 30x37 with perforations, sterile 120/case 
WP1195   Whirl-Pak Blender Bags WP1195  No filter blender bags, 55 oz., 7.5 x 12 inch, 4mil, print, 500/case (WP-1195) - *Biotrace Product 

  • Convenience
  • Time savings
  • Wide variety of sizes to meet all needs
  • Cost effective

  • Regulatory Material

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