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3M Marine Manufacturing & Professional Repair

Health & Safety eTools

3M facilitates convenient products and services to help you achieve regulatory compliance.

On-Site Respirator Fit Testing Services
Effective November 15, 2007, 3M will no longer provide Fit Testing Services as part of their Health and Safety Service offering. See the full announcement for details. [PDF 20 KB]

On-Line Respirator Medical Evaluations
Designed to help you meet the requirements of OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134. All employees required to wear respirator protection must complete a medical evaluation to determine if they are able to wear a respirator.

Web Service Life Software
It offers users an easy method for calculating end of service life for 3M™ Respirator Cartridges. This information can be used to establish an appropriate change schedule. The software contains a database of properties for about 200 organic vapor contaminants as well as a database of 3M™ Cartridges. It calculates service life based on workplace conditions such as contaminant concentration, temperature, work rate and atmospheric pressure.

This software is made available to you free of charge, and you can run it on the web.

Online Respirator Selection Software
This software helps make the process of selecting a respirator easier and faster. It can analyze more than 700 different chemicals and provide an audit trail of your respirator decision logic. Knowing the contaminants and their concentrations, the program can then lead you to an appropriate respirator recommendation. The software combines contaminant reference information from a variety of resources. This includes immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH), exposure limit, odor threshold, molecular weight, and more. Just point and click and follow the prompts to help in your selection of an appropriate respirator.

The interactive user's manual is on-line.

This software is made available to you at no cost, and you can run it on the web (registration is optional).