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Spill Management

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3M has a wide range of maintenance sorbents, chemical sorbents, oil sorbents and spill kits to meet your requirements. 3M sorbents are available in a variety of formats, from rugs to multi-format, so that you can choose the format that meets your needs.
Choose from:
- Maintenance sorbents to absorb oil and other industrial fluids
- Oil sorbents - ideal for absorbing oil from areas where water may also be present
- Chemical sorbents for hazardous spill control

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3M™ Chemical Sorbents 3M™ Chemical Sorbents
3M Chemical Sorbents are made from inert, synthetic fibres principally of polypropylene. They are available in a wide range of formats and are lightweight and dust free. They have a high absorption capacity which minimises the amount of waste for disposal.

3M™ Maintenance Sorbents 3M™ Maintenance Sorbents
For leaks and drips of non aggressive fluids. 3M™ Maintenance Sorbents are ideal for absorbing oil and other industrial fluids cleanly, safely and efficiently. They are lightweight and very quick to deploy. They are highly absorbent (up to 25 x its own weight) absorbing most fluids very quickly and are long lasting.

3M™ Petroleum Sorbents 3M™ Petroleum Sorbents
3M™ Oil Sorbents are an innovative range of highly absorbent, quality products. Being hydrophobic, (repels water) they are ideal for absorbing oil from areas where water may also be present – exterior locations for example. 3M Oil Sorbents will not disintegrate or sink, even when saturated with oil, and are very easy to dispose of.