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Utility Marker and Locating Case Studies

Locating Utilities

Learn about how 3M Locating & Marking Products have contributed to various industries in need of locating utilities, worldwide.

Southwest Gas Adopts Electronic Markers for Pipeline Construction (PDF, 146k)

Southwest Gas Corporation provides natural gas service to more than 1.7 million customers in Arizona, California and Nevada, a service area that includes the fastest-growing metropolitan centers in the country.

3M Underground Marking System Chosen: Shanghai World Exposition (PDF, 133k)

When the 2010 World Exposition opens on a two-square-mile site in Shanghai, China’s largest city, the Expo’s vast network of underground gas pipes will be tracked predominantly by radio frequency identification (RFID) from 3M.

Buried Treasure in Virginia (PDF, 1.11M)

The Virginia Dept of Transportation (VDOT) is saving time, money, and headaches by using underground facilities markers to accurately pinpoint the location of buried telephone, gas, power, CATV, water and fiber-optic utilities. To minimize the risk of errors, damage, safety concerns and increased expenses on a $70 million reconstruction project in Washington D.C, VDOT installed EMS markers for all underground utilities from the start.

3M Underground Technology Takes Off at BAA (PDF, 79k)

British Airports Authority (BAA) has begun using The 3M™ Electronic Marker System (EMS) to accurately locate utilities, pinpointinig the exact location of the many underground services buried beneath Heathrow Airport. The system is enabling BAA to dramatically reduce the time, cost and errors associated with carrying out work on underground services, as well as helping the company to comply with its strict health and safety standards.

Municipality Marks New Pipelines for Future Access (PDF, 763k)

When placing 5 million linear feet of pipeline over a five year period, David Cain, an engineering design technician for Charlotte County, FL, knew there was no room for error. That's why they utilized underground markers and remote locators for utility locating, pinpointing each feature and change in the pipline's route.

How 3M Canada Helped Enhance Its Customers' Productivity (PDF, 1.52M)

To help ensure the integrity and longevity of buried pipeline facilities, Stantec, a North American engineering and design company, recently made the switch from tracer wire to 3M Electronic Marker Systems (EMS). The EMS allows Stantec to pinpoint every tee, bend, directional drill and foreign crossing in the pipeline.

Atlanta International Airport shares lessons learned with latest runway project (PDF, 3.01M)

A new 9,000-foot runway at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is said to be one of the most complex structures of its kind in the world. It spans a major interstate highway and includes an 18.5 million cubic yard embankment. Here, FAA and airport officials share some insights learned along the way when it comes to putting in underground systems that can be easily traced.

U.S. Department of Energy Lab: Complex Utilties Network (PDF, 2.86M)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) , a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory operated by the University of California, has a complex network of underground utilities that rivals most municipalities - only their utilities are housed within a one square mile campus. As a result, LLNL relies on underground markers and remote utility locator products to keep their utilities in order and minimize errors when performing maintenance or installing new facilities.

Sacramento Sewer Dist (PDF, 281k)

Read about how the Sacramento Area Sewer District decided to switch from using tracer wire to 3M™ iD Marker Balls for their new treatment plants. The change to iD Marker Balls allowed them to implement a system with greater accuracy and reliability, plus one that was easy to use.


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