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Plastic Pipe Locator

Introducing: A Revolutionary Approach to Locating Plastic Pipes/Conduit Path

3M’s next generation of underground infrastructure asset management has arrived!

3M has over 40 years experience developing new and innovative solutions for locating buried assets. 3M pioneered electronic marker technology with EMS markers and programmable iD markers and continues to set the standard for innovation with its newest path marking technology. Now, 3M has developed an effective way to locate the path of underground plastic pipes and conduits, eliminating the problems and costs associated with other solutions.

Plastic Pipe Locating System Benefits

  • Eliminates need to install tracer wire
  • No access points or connections required
  • Locate without the need of a transmitter
  • Unique identification for each utility type
  • Low installed costs
  • Tape does not provide a path for lightning
  • Signal path maintained even if the tape is cut or damaged
  • Product design life - 50 years

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3M EMS Caution Tape

3M EMS Caution Tape for Path Marking

3M™ Electronic Marking System Caution Tape uses a new 3M EMS marker technology embedded into a caution tape, for installation near or above the buried facility, helping provide continuous path location.

  • Markers are activated when energized by a 3M™ Dynatel 7000™ Series Locator
  • No batteries required; no need to hook up an external transmitter or search for access points
  • Even if a section of caution tape is cut or removed, the other markers continue to provide accurate location
  • Each version is tuned to a frequency specific to the path of that utility (gas, telco, water)
  • Can be located to a maximum detection depth of two feet
    • 3M™ EMS Caution Tape for path marking is a perfect complement to 3M’s existing line of EMS passive and iD markers (Near Surface, Ball and Full Range markers) which are used for marking points of interest, such as splices, service drops, valves, etc. iD markers can be programmed to include specific information such as facility data, type of application, placement date and other important details.

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EMS Marker Tape

EMS Marker Tape/Locator 7420

Based on existing Dynatel technology platform, the new 7000 series locators will allow the user to locate existing EMS markers as well as read/write to iD markers.

It is as easy as selecting “path” marker locating for EMS Caution Tape or “iD/EMS” for point marker locating. The push of one button will provide the depth to any of the underground markers.


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