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The intelligent way to manage your underground network

  • The Smart Choice

    A feature exclusive to the Dynatel EMS locator is the ability to read, write and lock programmed information into 3M™ Electronic iD Markers. 3M™ iD Locators are able to pinpoint the depth and location of existing models of properly installed underground markers — easily differentiating between standard frequencies.

    Detailed information can be read, stored with date/time stamp and transmitted back to your PC for enhanced resource management through a standard RS232 serial port or USB port. iD locators are now compatible with selected GPS/GIS instruments to greatly simplify the mapping process.
  • How they Work

    The marker is buried over key facilities during construction or maintenance. Later, the marker is easily and accurately located using a 3M™ Dynatel™ Locator. The locator transmits a signal to the buried marker. The marker returns the signal to the locator, indicating the marker’s exact position, while the locator provides both a visual reading and an audible tone.

  • 3M Electronic Marking System

    The 3M™ Electronic Marker System helps eliminate guesswork. 3M™ Markers provide an accurate, convenient, long-lasting method of marking underground facilities. Electronic marking saves time and money spent searching for buried facilities prior to excavation.

    Unlike surface markers such as stakes, flags or paint, the electronic markers cannot be inadvertently moved or worn away by weather.

  • Markers that Last

    With our Full-Range, Mid-Range, Ball and Near-Surface Markers , there is a marker to meet almost every need. Markers are passive antennas with no internal power source to run down. Their water-resistant, polyethylene shells are impervious to minerals, chemicals and the temperature extremes normally found underground .

    A four-inch 3M™ Disk Marker is also available for marking hand holds. These disk markers easily attach to nonmetallic lids or covers over flush- mounted facilities. 3M™ Markers operate even in the presence of metal conduit or pipe, metallic conductors, fences, AC power lines and electronic markers of other utilities.
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Up to 3 foot depth

Near Surface Markers

  • Range of up to 3' from Marker to Locator
  • Small compact shape allow for easy installation without excessive drilling or digging
  • iD option available

Marking Hand Holds and Manholes

Disc Markers

  • Range of up to 5' from Marker to Locator
  • Designed to be mounted to the underside of non-metallic flush-mounted facilities, such as hand holes, manholes and other grade-level enclosures
  • Disk Markers are not intended for direct burial
  • iD Option available

Up to 5 foot depth

Ball Markers

  • Depth of up to 5' from Marker to Locator
  • Unique self-leveling design ensures the marker is always positioned correctly, regardless of how it is placed into the ground
  • iD option available

Up to 6 foot depth

Mid Range Markers

  • Range of up to 6' from Marker to Locator
  • Spokes design helps stabilize it in the correct position after placement

Up to 9 foot depth

Full Range Markers

  • Depth of 9' from Marker to Locator
  • Ideal for deeply buried facilities
  • iD option available