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3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Filters


3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filters


Developed using innovative 3M technologies, 3M™ HAF filters are constructed from an array of open flow channels, and they are frameless and self-supporting. These filters are electrostatically charged for enhanced particle capture and retention.

Product and Performance Data

  • Custom sizes for your applications
  • Open channel structure
  • Micro-structured, electrostatically charged media
  • 100% synthetic media
  • Self supporting filter
  • Available in standard (white) or with an antimicrobial agent (green)
  • UL 900, Class 1 flammability rating (US) for filter thickness = 20mm
  • UL 900, Class 1 flammability rating (US) for filter thickness > 20mm
  • Maximum operating temperature 158º F (70º C)
  • ROHS Directive compliant
Open channel structure of 3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filters Open channel structure of 3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Filters

Typical Applications

Replace foams, plastic and screen filters
  3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filters - Replace foams, plastic and screen filters.
Automotive cabin air filtration
  3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filters for automotive cabin air filtration.
PTAC coil filtration
  3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filters for PTAC coil filtration.
Room air conditioner
  3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filters - Room air conditioner.

Key Benefits

3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) filters may offer an ideal alternative in applications where regular filter replacement is difficult or impractical, but where low airflow resistance is important

  • Effective, low maintenance solutions for equipment protection
  • Available in a range of thicknesses (5mm – 30mm) for your applications
  • Custom engineered and cut
  • Low pressure drop
  • Good dust loading
  • Long filter life

For more information please download the product information sheet for 3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Filters (PDF 193 Kb).

A balanced approach to air filtration

3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filter with antimicrobial agent
3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Filter with antimicrobial agent

The antimicrobial agent is incorporated as an integral part of the microstructured film and has no effect on efficiency when compared to standard High Air Flow media.

The agent helps inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the filter media. Users should be aware that mold and mildew may grow on captured particles that build up over time on the filter.

3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Media
3M (TM) High Air Flow (HAF) Filter
3M™ High Air Flow (HAF) Filter

3M™ High Airflow (HAF) filters provide potential solutions in industrial and commercial applications. The self supporting material reduces the need for filter framing.

The Standard HAF Air Filters (white color) enable quick and convenient, custom filtration retrofits for building owners and equipment manufacturers with a need for efficient, economical air filtration.

Antimicrobial Effectiveness1

Filter Tested

7 Days

14 Days

21 Days

28 Days

HAF Media with Antimicrobial Agent





Standard HAF Media

10 mm




1Antimicrobial effectiveness was measured on new 3M HAF Air Filters per ASTM G21-96. The test standard specifies that samples are evaluated in a laboratory environment for 7, 14, 21, and 28 days. The test standard does not include evaluation of microbial growth beyond 28 days

Microbial Growth Rating Scale
0 = No Growth
1 = Trace Growth, 0-10%
2 = Light Growth, 10-30%
3 = Moderate Growth, 30-60%
4 = Heavy Growth, >60%

Filter Measurements

For questions or to place an order in the U.S., please contact our Customer Service at (800) 648-3550 or (651) 789-7381.


Length in inches (mm)

Width in inches (mm)

Thickness in inches (mm)

Smallest available HAF air filter size

6.02 (153)

6.02 (153)

0.20 (5)

Largest available HAF air filter size

47.24 (1200)

27.56 (700)

1.18 (30)

Available thickness of HAF air filters



0.20 (5), 0.39 (10), 0.59 (15),
0.79 (20), 0.98 (25), 1.18 (30)

HAF Filters can be made into customized sizes to suit specific needs. Length and width must be between the smallest and largest available measurements and be in 0.2 inch (5 mm) increments.

Manufacturing tolerance +/- 0.039 inches (1mm) in thickness and +/- 0.078 inches (2 mm) in length and width

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National Air Filtration Association
Energy Star Partner

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