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3M HVAC solutions for the education market


University and college campus facility managers face tough challenges in maintaining HVAC systems. Buildings, occupant needs, and HVAC equipment are all different. Facility / building managers on university campuses supervise multiple buildings, ranging from classroom buildings, to libraries, laboratories and sometimes even hospitals. Filtration requirements, time constraints, energy, and sustainability efforts create a number of decisions that have to be researched and analyzed. Using HVAC filter and air handling unit performance data, 3M can help managers look for opportunities for improvement in associated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Focusing on opportunities to lower energy consumption, reduce filter maintenance time and reduce waste stream volume, have provided favorable results. After careful consideration and testing, some college and university campuses converted to Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC filters, and have been experiencing savings in energy disposal, HVAC filter preventative maintenance labor time and overall costs. This Customer Success Story (PDF, 815 Kb) describes some of the benefits, one of the major universities in the Midwest has experienced since using Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters. Selecting filter options with the right attributes is important in realizing these benefits.

Three fundamental attributes when choosing a filter

HVAC air filters are critical to the efficient operation of the air handling system of any building. They may help to protect equipment within the air handling system. Beyond the purchasing price, the HVAC filters are also potentially associated with additional operating costs for disposal, energy and labor. Balancing performance attributes with costs incurred during operations is therefore important.

When selecting replacement HVAC filters, there are three fundamental attributes to consider.

Efficiency – What are the environmental needs? Are there any guidelines that need to be met (Joint Commission, LEED)? Does make up or re-circulated air need to be pre-filtered? Are there any occupant complaints?

Initial Pressure Drop – Will existing systems be constrained either from sufficient air flow or energy consumption with higher levels of filtration resistance? Are VAV/VFD capabilities fully utilized in managing energy consumption by using lower resistance filter options?

Filter Loading – Do filter change out schedules become difficult to manage based on time constraints and frequency of change requirements?


HVAC filter efficiency Efficiency
HVAC filter intial pressure drop Intial Pressure Drop
HVAC filter loading Filter Loading


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Three fundamental attributes when choosing commercial HVAC filters

Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters are highly engineered to provide the optimum balance of these attributes. Using a full on-site HVAC laboratory testing facility and a rigorous ISO 9001 – 2008 certified manufacturing operation ensure high quality and consistent product performance. Performance that has helped customers realize their improvement initiatives.


Filtrete (TM) Commercial HVAC Filter Products Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters


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