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3M HVAC solutions for the commercial office market

Commercial Office

For HVAC engineers it is often a fine balance of finding the best air filter solution for the building and keeping their operating budgets in check. Meeting environmental requirements for buildings is becoming increasingly important too.

Energy consumption related to HVAC systems is a significant component of the overall energy consumption required to operate a building. Using energy efficient air handlers is one step towards reducing those operational costs. Choosing the right HVAC replacement filters helps maximize those savings opportunities.

The greater the ability of a filter to load with debris without substantial increase in pressure drop, the greater the possible energy savings. HVAC engineers typically look for filters that have a low initial pressure drop, high filter loading capacity and the minimum required particle capture efficiency required.


Reducing high-energy cost pays!
HVAC systems account for ~ 40%
of energy usage in commercial

Source: Frost & Sullivan


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Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters are highly engineered to provide the optimum balance of these attributes for commercial and industrial air handling systems. To provide the most value for the building owner and operator, Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters from 3M are precisely designed to help minimize the total energy utilization at each efficiency level.

Filtrete (TM) Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A13 Mini-Pleat with Gasket
Contributes to earning one point towards LEED (R) certification process.

Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A13 Mini-Pleat with Gasket –
A simple in-place upgrade of filtration that contributes to
requirements for LEED point without any capital expense.


Customers value the many benefits that Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters may provide, including:
  • Potential for significant energy savings
  • Operational savings (Labor)
  • Reduced waste stream
  • No need for capital investment
  • May contribute to earning one point towards LEED certification process
    (Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filter MERV A13 Mini-Pleat with Gasket)
  • ROI often < 1 YEAR

We talked with some of our customers about the benefits they experienced since switching to Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filters for their buildings and summarized them in the following documents:

One of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you with questions you might have regarding Filtrete™ Commercial HVAC Filter Products and how 3M can contribute to energy cost savings for your building(s).
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