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What's New

3M™ Light Fiber

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber now comes in a 7mm core diameter size. This new smaller diameter fiber allows for a bend radius as small as 2.67 inches without light leakage bright spots.

Minimum Bend Radius Minimum Diameter Circle Typical Diameter Circle
7mm HL Light Fiber - 2.67" 5.34" 8"
12mm HL Light Fiber - 4.25" 8.50" 12"

The new 7mm HL light fiber is ideal for applications where tight bend radiuses are needed. This fiber can be used with high-performance LED light sources or traditional fiber optic illuminators. Because the diameter of the 7mm HL light fiber is so small up to seven fibers can fit into one traditional fiber optic illuminator.

Effective December 18, 2003
3M announces a dramatic increase in their light-fiber warranty
3M announces a new ten-year limited warranty for 3M HL High Luminance Light Fiber. This is the most comprehensive and longest lasting warranty in the light fiber industry today. Extensive scientific data has led us to increase our warranty to meet the demands of Architects, Lighting Designers and building owners. The industry has asked for a five year warranty. 3M’s data convinced us to extend our limited warranty to ten-years. For details please click here for our warranty.
 3M Light Fiber