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Outdoor Uses

Applications for 3M™ Light Fiber

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber lets you create unique decorative effects with light without worrying about electrical hazards. The illuminators can be positioned either inside a nearby building or structure, or they can be housed inside a waterproof box. The light can then be transported to where it is needed – safely!

Since 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber is resistant to the effects of sun, wind, and rain, it is great for adding easy-to-maintain lighting details to building exteriors. The illuminators can be positioned where they are safely accessible; the lights can stay on even when the weather is too foul for working outdoors.

Shopping Mall

Striking 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber illumination creates trendy upscale image with low maintenance cost and vandal resistant lighting solution

  • 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber can be mounted flush to the building or offset to create that feeling of depth with the high luminance glow of HL light fiber.
  • Illuminators can be located on top of the building or inside for more convenient re-lamping.
Pedestrian Bridge

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber is used to not only decorate, but also illuminate this pedestrian bridge

  • Vandal resistance 3M fiber and 3M high performance channel overcomes glass breakage, high voltage and potentially hazardous gases.
  • Long uniformly bright 200' bridge demonstrates the ability to go even longer lengths without the appearance of seams.
Architectural Water Sculpture

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber accents the movement of the water, creating a soothing ambiance

  • Light reflects off the water, making a relaxing, calm atmosphere.
  • Rotating color filters create a continuously changing visual effect.
  • 'W' shaped rails run under the decking. The illuminator is in a waterproof box inside a concrete wall, safely away from the water.
Landscaping Illumination

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fibers weave above and below ground to create a distinctive garden fence

  • 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber easily replaces previously installed neon.
  • Flexible, non-breakable, and free of electricity - all with superior brightness and changeable color!
  • Two complementary colors are lit at night. During the day, it has a pearly white, uniform look.
  • Soft, soothing art deco color changing on the inside of the hotel.
Roofing Detailing

Distinctly recognizable accents give roof-line a fun, inviting appearance

  • Complexity and cost of maintenance are reduced, making 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber especially attractive for franchises.
  • No boom truck or tall ladders are needed to replace burned out light sources, enhancing safety and reducing downtime.

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