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3M™ Light Fiber

Light Fiber Application - Fountain BleauThe applications for 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber are limited only by your imagination.

  • Use in malls, restaurants, hotels and other commercial spaces where energy costs are a concern – light fiber provides cool lighting and is energy efficient
  • Use where labor and maintenance costs are a concern – light fiber illumination sources can be remotely but strategically located
  • Use to create special ambience in spaces where people could potentially touch or  brush against the fiber – it’s cool to the touch and won’t shatter like glass
  • Use on building exteriors, in landscaping, sidewalks, signs and other exterior applications – light fiber is resistant to the effects of sun, wind and rain

Brand EnhancementLight Fiber - White Castle

Use 3M™ Light Fiber as a distinguishing element in a brand’s look for universal recognition.  Or, use it with existing brand identity to light, color, shape, direct or add impact! Use light fiber to:

  • Draw attention to your brand identity graphics and signs in a message-heavy environment
  • Add dynamism and appeal to your tradeshow booth for building customer impressions and sales
  • Create a trendy, upscale image with low installation and maintenance costs
  • Design soft gentle lines or bright, bold, vibrant statements of your company's products

Light Fiber - Airport Terminal

Architectural Elements

Help your customers communicate their architectural tastes, differentiate their buildings and  provide aesthetically pleasing environments with 3M™ Light Fiber. Or, simply use it in public spaces for a colorful welcome. Use light fiber to:




            Cove LightingLight Fiber - Cove Lighting

  • Create a sophisticated atmosphere or mood with continuous, unbroken, uniform light 
  • Bring out the architectural beauty, complexity and detail of a public or private space  
  • Make cove lighting maintenance easier and faster with the ability to place light fiber illuminators in a safe, accessible location 




            Border Lighting Light Fiber - Border Lighting

  • Welcome guests with dynamic lines of colored light along a tiled entry
  • Guide customers to an establishment by extending light through glass-covered sidewalk channels that extend into adjacent courtyard areas  
  • Create a feeling of depth, mystery and attraction to buildings by illuminating corners, roof lines and facades
  • Generate building recognition from a distance to guide guests back home
  • Add a fun, inviting appearance 


Light Fiber - Floor Tiles




  • Create a distinctive garden fence by weaving it above and below ground—it’s white in the daytime and any color at night
  • Make the music of fountains dance with splashes of color 
    • Generate reflections that create a calm, relaxing atmosphere
    • Create interest with a continuously changing visual effect using rotating colors

Light Fiber - Fountain




  • Complement and accent displays, walls, ceilings, stairs, buildings and a variety of other elements 
  • To attain complex shapes and require high-product versatility 


Light Fiber - Indoor Floor Channels





Help guide people’s hands to railings and feet to stairs in dimly lit environments like theaters.  Light fiber is great for interior, way-finding applications. Or, use it with a soft-glow illumination source in exterior environments to guide people navigating bridges, tunnels and walkways. Use light fiber to:

  • Illuminate hand rails and stepsLight Fiber - Railing
  • Delineate bridge decks and barriers
  • Catch the eye when other light solutions cannot be used


Design & Decorate 
Use 3M™Light Fiber whimsically to add fun or strategically to create a more sophisticated ambiance or mood. Use light fiber to:

  • Achieve a soft, soothing art deco effect in interior public or private spaces
  • Detail simple and ornate design elements on any structure including cabinets, counters, walls, ceilings, stairs and buildings Light Fiber - Decorative Display
  • Follow curves in ceilings or molding to create an elegant or playful interior ambiance





Point of Purchase 
Help your customer increase sales by making their lighted product displays, counters and shelves take center stage. Use light fiber to:Light Fiber - Point of Purchase

  • Highlight product and also encourage interaction without the fear of exposure to heat or electricity 
  • Light displays with a clean visual appearance by placing the light sources in a remote, easy-to-service location
  • Draw attention to products in a novel way




Special Interior Illumination
Use 3M™ Light Fiber to set the mood in lighted areas where conventional lighting does not work. Or, since 3M light fiber only contains light, use it to grab attention in places where physical contact with more traditional light sources could be a hazard. Use light fiber to:

  • Softly light occupied theaters, cinemas and other venues when the brightness

    Light Fiber - Theater

    or  harshness of other light sources could detract from the show or event 
  • Maintain a sense of direction and space when other lights are extinguished 





Signs Light Fiber - Exterior Signage
Differentiate your sign from all the rest with a creative use of light fiber. Durable construction makes light fiber perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications in high traffic areas. Use light fiber to:

  • Signify the location of information kiosks or travel platforms
  • Accentuate and reinforce the personality of a brand or establishment 
  • Draw attention to a shop, window or destination in a creative, alluring way
  • Impart more dynamism to directional, guidance and warning signs 

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