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3M™ Light Fiber

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber

Neon and Cold Cathode Alternative

  • Unlike neon and cold cathode, which is made of glass tubing segments, 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber can be used to create visually uniform runs of decorative light that will not break, shatter or discharge environmentally hazardous gases.
  • Typical installations use as much as 75% less energy than neon or cold cathode. Using LED Illuminators could use as much as 90% less energy.
  • Installation is faster and less expensive than for neon or cold cathode; there is no need to wait for glass tubes to be specially made, it requires fewer electrical components, and it's easy and safe to install.
  • Typical applications include building perimeters, cove lighting, walkway lighting, and entertainment illumination. 3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber is exceptionally versatile for artistic displays and architectural designs.

3M™ HL High Luminance Light Fiber advantages over neon and cold cathode

  • Visually Uniform illumination
  • Will not break or shatter
  • Up to 75% less energy cost with HID Illuminators and up to 90% less energy cost with LED Illuminators
  • Real-time color change
  • Permanently flexible
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Easily spliced and connected
  • No height placement restrictions
  • No UV in transmitted light: will not cause radiation damage
  • Remote light source
    • No heat generation
    • Cool to touch
    • No electrical hazard along fiber
    • No high voltages
    • Safe around water
 Design and Build with 3M HL High Luminance Light Fiber