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Application Guides for Protection Films and Light Control Films

Display Surface Films

PDF icon Application Guide For Display Surface Products (PDF, 203KB)
3M™ Display Surface Products are a family of optically clear, durable protection, and privacy products. The products are designed to provide visual enhancement, increased durability and protection from damage, or privacy in a wide variety of applications. Multiple options are available for privacy, light management and protection, including microlouver films, anti-reflective anti-glare films, low reflection gloss films, anti-glare films, and durable glossy films. The films have a low tack, residue-free adhesive for easy application and removal. Products with the Scotchgard™ easy-to-clean layer helps make cleaning easier than ever.

Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF)

PDF icon Application Guide For BEF-II/BEF-III/TBEF (PDF, 163KB)
The 3M Brightness Enhancement Film family increases on-axis brightness by compressing light into a narrower viewing angle. It is mounted with the prisms running either vertically or horizontally. The compressed viewing angle will be primarily on the plane that is 90 degrees away from the direction of the prisms. In other words, if the prisms are running vertically, the viewing angle will be compressed in the horizontal plane, and with a slight compression in the vertical plane. Likewise, if the prisms are running horizontally, then the viewing angle will be compressed in the vertical plane, with a slight compression in the horizontal plane.

BEF film must always be mounted with the prisms facing the LC module, and away from the backlight. If a second sheet of Vikuiti BEF film is to be used to gain even greater brightness, its prism direction must be 90 degrees away from the prism direction of the first sheet, and the viewing angle will then be compressed in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

If a sheet of the DBEF film family is to be included for maximum brightness, it should always be mounted on top of the BEF film, closest to the LC module.

Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF)

PDF icon Application Guide For DBEF-E/DBEF-II/DBEF-Q w/Adh./DBEF-D2 (PDF, 194KB)
The 3M Dual Brightness Enhancement Film (DBEF) family of Brightness Enhancement Films are all reflective polarizers, in which light of one polarization is reflected and light of the other polarization is transmitted. Dual Brightness Enhancement Films use 3M’s multi-layer technology for this polarized light management in which illumination from the backlight is recycled for greater efficiency and performance. All the films increase display brightness and can be used in conjunction with other 3M products such as 3M™ Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) and 3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR).

If two pieces of 3M Prismatic Film (BEF II, BEF III, TBEF) are to be incorporated, they should be converted with the grooves of the prism structure of the first sheet at a 90-degree angle to the groove direction of the second sheet.

Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR)

PDF icon Application Guide For Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) (PDF, 224KB)
3M Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR) is an ultra-high reflectivity, mirror-like optical enhancement film. Utilizing 3M’s multi-layer polymer technology, its non-metallic thin film construction lends itself to incorporation into a wide variety of configurations and applications. Designed primarily as the rear light guide reflector, to be used with other Vikuiti films for high efficiency brightness enhancement in light recycling LCD applications, it can also be used alone in any application requiring a high performance specular reflector.

3M Uniformity Tape

PDF icon Application Guide For 3M Uniformity Tape (PDF, 502KB)
3M Uniformity Tape is applied to the injection edge of the light guide plate (LGP), enabling improved brightness uniformity near the light source. This may help reduce the number of LEDs required.

Technical Data Sheets

Protection Films
PDF icon ARMR 220NC (PDF, 67KB)
PDF icon Glossy LR (PDF, 43KB)
PDF icon Glossy (PDF, 66KB)
PDF icon Cleaning (PDF, 45.5KB)

Light Control Films
PDF icon ALCF-P ABR0 (PDF, 105 KB)
PDF icon ALCF-P ABR2 (PDF, 84 KB)