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How to Apply

Applying Screen Protector to Tablet Devices

Ensure work area is clean. Wash hands before applying product. Place the device on a non-slip surface.

How to Apply examples image

Step One
Thoroughly clean screen using a lint-free cloth according to device manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step Two
Using the tab along the edge of the film, peel the liner back a couple of inches without touching the adhesive side.

Step Three
Carefully align the film with the device feature (a circle or cut out, etc.) or screen edge. Adhere 1/2" of film to edge of device screen to set the alignment. If bubble exists under the film, either lift the film and realign or use the applicator to push bubble out from under the film.

Step Four
Lower film and applicator at same time to adhere the film edge to the screen. Hold the film up so adhesive doesn’t touch the screen ahead of the applicator. Using adequate downward pressure, slowly move the applicator over the screen as you pull back the film liner in one smooth motion until the film is applied. If a bubble appears, pull the film up just past the bubble and reapply using the applicator.

Step Five
If needed, wipe fingerprints from the film with a soft dry cloth once the screen protector is applied.

Technical Data Sheets

Protection Films
PDF icon ARMR 220NC (PDF, 67KB)
PDF icon Glossy LR (PDF, 43KB)
PDF icon Glossy (PDF, 66KB)
PDF icon Cleaning (PDF, 45.5KB)

Light Control Films
PDF icon ALCF-P ABR0 (PDF, 105 KB)
PDF icon ALCF-P ABR2 (PDF, 84 KB)