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Enhanced Viewability & Extreme Conditions

Military solutions for enhanced viewability of ruggedized device in extreme conditions

3M offers a full line of Display Enhancement products designed to amplify the performance of electronic displays by making them brighter, whiter, thinner and more vivid in color. These products offer versatility and add value to virtually any electronic display application.

Designed to endure the harshest of environments, our ruggedized device solutions provide unmatched display screen durability and readability for military and industrial professionals working in a variety of extreme environments.

ALCF-A, ALCF-A+ and LCF redirect light to reduce unwanted reflections. ALCF-A+ has the added benefit of providing additional brightness with its multifunctional design with DBEF. This provides a variety of options for environmental performance, including ruggedized applications.

Related Products:

  • ALCF
    A microlouver film that controls the distribution of light. ALCF can be used to create privacy, control reflections or improve display contrast.

  • BEF
    BEF is a prismatic film that manages the angular output of light from the backlight. BEF uses refraction to compress the backlights output towards an on-axis viewer.

  • DBEF
    DBEF is a multilayer, reflective polarizer. DBEF polarizes the backlights output so that it can transmit through the liquid crystal panel. Light of the wrong polarization is recycled into the backlight.
Technical Data Sheets

Protection Films
PDF icon ARMR 220NC (PDF, 67KB)
PDF icon Glossy LR (PDF, 43KB)
PDF icon Glossy (PDF, 66KB)
PDF icon Cleaning (PDF, 45.5KB)

Light Control Films
PDF icon ALCF-P ABR0 (PDF, 105 KB)
PDF icon ALCF-P ABR2 (PDF, 84 KB)