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Achieve compliant coded data

Get it right the first time

Have you ever found yourself without enough hands to get the job done? We thought so. Managing your coding compliance program requires a full-time, hands-on approach. Staff shortages, changing rules and regulations, and rework or rejected claims make “getting it right the first time” a top priority.

What if you could reduce compliance problems and keep coder productivity and coding accuracy at the highest level? 3M knows the territory, and our coding compliance solutions can help reduce and possibly eliminate those nagging requests from RACs, MACs and other auditors and payers.

3M can help you make it a reality. We offer proven solutions to help detect and correct inaccurate codes before they create a compliance or billing problem. Your organization can achieve better coding compliance, fewer payment delays, and full, appropriate reimbursement.

Take the next step

3M™ Audit Expert System

The 3M Audit Expert System allows you to identify compliance issues by reviewing 100 percent of inpatient records at the point of coding. It encompasses industry-standard coding rules and 3M-proprietary/user-defined edits and creates a defensible audit trail. Coders receive real-time, consistent feedback and education. Plus, 3M Audit Expert provides over 200+ standard reports including MEDPAR/PEPPER comparisons and is fully AHA RACTrac compatible.

3M™ APCfinder™ Software with Medical Necessity Validation

A component of the 3M™ Coding and Reimbursement System, the 3M™ APCfinder™ Software can be enhanced with an add-on option for medical necessity validation. This added functionality allows coders and documentation specialists to apply medical necessity at the point of coding.

3M™ Ambulatory Revenue Management System (ARMS)

3M ARMS provides a central repository for all three major data sources that impact outpatient revenue: HIM and chargemaster (CDM) coded data, UB-04 codes, and remittance advice (RA) codes. With 3M ARMS, you can also manage the medical necessity, OCE, and NCCI edits that support accurate outpatient reimbursement.

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