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Better clinical documentation

Immediate returns. Lasting improvement.

Accurate documentation of patient encounters is the foundation for appropriate reimbursement and quality reporting.

As healthcare reform moves toward quality-driven reimbursement, hospitals and physicians will have to justify treatments and demonstrate satisfactory quality outcomes. Consistent, complete and accurate clinical documentation is the key to the economic health of the hospital.

Healthcare providers need automated, intuitive tools to sustain their initiatives without shortchanging patient care or jeopardizing operating margins. 3M can help.

Address current gaps in documentation specificity needed for ICD-10

Through consulting engagements with 125-plus hospitals, we have seen significant gaps between clinical documentation today and what’s needed for the highest level of ICD-10 specificity. These gaps influence the data that goes out reflecting an organization’s quality of care as well as its reimbursements.

3M™ Gaps in documentation specifity needed for ICD-10 - Infographic

CDI tops list of ICD-10 concerns

In a series of surveys conducted by 3M in August, October, and December 2012, clinical documentation improvement issues topped the list of ICD-10 concerns:

3M™ CDI tops ICD-10 Concerns Survey Results Infographic

Leverage 3M leadership and experience

3M offers proven, sustainable solutions for clinical documentation improvement. 3M software and services can help hospitals improve cash flow and streamline reimbursement. They help hospitals more accurately represent patient mix for an improved case mix index, provide more precise documentation of quality outcomes and core measures, and prepare physicians to provide ICD-10 compliant documentation.

Better clinical documentation

3M™ DRG Assurance™ Program

Improve the accuracy of clinical documentation and DRG coding through the coordinated efforts of caregivers, physicians and coding professionals, guided by experienced 3M consultants. The return on investment can be significant. On average, facilities report a 2-4 percent improvement in case mix index within the first year, typically resulting in a 4:1 financial return.*

3M™ Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) System

The 3M CDI System sustains the benefits of a clinical documentation improvement program, such as the 3M DRG Assurance Program, by providing guidelines and edits for concurrent chart review. It also identifies potential compliance risks, frequently missed concepts, and issues with working DRGs and ICD-9-CM codes.

Support physicians through the entire clinical documentation process, providing instant access to information needed to capture the complete patient encounter. As part of the CAPD workflow, clinicians can use speech-recognized dictation to document in their own words, preserving the unique patient story while also incorporating relevant structured data.

3M™ Outpatient CDI Program

The outpatient setting is a hotbed of activity with increasing numbers of procedures, surgeries and testing. 3M understands the rising need for organizations to establish a solid CDI program for outpatient services and practices. The 3M™ Outpatient CDI Program can help organizations achieve accurate reimbursement, complete and compliant documentation, improved revenue and cash flow, decreased revenue recovery activity (RAC) and efficiently streamlined workflows.

3M™ 360 Encompass™ System

The only end-to-end coding and documentation improvement system built on the 3M logic for grouping and reimbursement. The 3M 360 Encompass System takes your healthcare operation into an automated future that allows users to communicate with specificity and accuracy in a timely fashion.


* Based on an average of results observed by clients in the 3M™ DRG™ Assurance Program. Needs the TM after Assurance, not DRG.

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