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Solutions for Small Hospitals

As small hospitals, you play a crucial role: 19.4 percent of Americans are served by small hospitals; rural hospitals make up half of U.S. hospitals; you are often the primary employer in your area. You also face unique challenges, such as serving a large Medicare/Medicaid population made up primarily of friends and family, more uninsured patients, and a high volume of outpatient services (typically above 50 percent of gross revenue). Even more than urban hospitals, you need to predict and manage patient length-of-stay to optimize financial results. You have to meet these challenges with fewer resources—human and financial—while maintaining a strong, independent presence in your communities.

Small hospitals can benefit now from the industry-leading technology and services used by large hospitals and IDNs. 3M can help.

3M solutions for Small Hospitals

Encoder with coding data and reporting

Many small hospitals using book-based coding solutions are now moving to encoders so they can increase productivity and accuracy. The 3M™ Coding and Reimbursement System is the market leading encoder used by more than 5,000 hospitals in the U.S. The provides hosted storage, reporting on the data derived in the 3M coding system, and a new user interface with additional ICD-10 productivity features.

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Small hospitals can have access to the industry best practices and solutions for clinical documentation improvement (CDI). 3M’s award-winning CDI program
(3M™ DRG Assurance Program) has served thousands of clients to date. 3M has solutions designed to adapt to smaller hospitals with a concurrent review program or with a limited program that needs expansion. The 3M™ Clinical Documentation Improvement System for Small Hospitals also identifies potential compliance risks, frequently missed concepts, and issues with working DRGS and ICD codes.

ICD-10 training, tools, and services

With 30 years of coding expertise and over a decade of ICD-10 implementation experience, 3M can provide comprehensive tools and services for your hospital, including the 3M™ ICD-10 Education Program to help coders, CDI specialists, physicians, and all hospital staff; the 3M™ Code Translation Tool to translate lists of codes, look up codes, and create custom mappings; and the 3M™ ICD-10 Financial Impact Tool to report the overall impact of DRG shifts by service line and show you what can be done.

Digital document creation

If your hospital is moving from a paper-based system to an electronic health record, 3M offers dictation and transcription tools and services to help you create and manage the electronic documents. 3M™ ChartScript™ Software and 3M™ allow jobs to be easily routed to home-based, remote or onsite transcriptionists. 3M™ ChartScriptMD™ Software lets providers detail the full patient story and still deliver compliant, ready-to-code documentation with fast turnaround. 3M™ ChartScriptMD™ for Radiology provides a complete voice-to-coding reporting solutions created especially for radiologists.

Supplemental coding and CDI resources

Millions of dollars are lost annually due to staffing shortages, coding backlogs, delays and inaccuracies. Supplemental Coding Resources from 3M gives you access to credentialed coding resources to help you maintain current coding workflow, reduce backlogs and keep ICD-10 conversion on schedule. Recruiting qualified CDI specialists to small hospitals is increasingly difficult. Supplemental CDI Resources from 3M can help you keep CDI goals on-track through staffing vacations, illness, retirements, and terminations.


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