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3M™ Patient-focused Episodes Software

Focus on the patient, not the condition

Patient focus, comprehensive viewBundled payment, accountable care and population health management programs are incentives for providers and payers to deliver both quality and cost-effective care. In pursuing these incentives, organizations may look for improvement by reviewing their treatment processes—but this approach just shows you part of the picture. To see the whole landscape, you must consider the interaction of all the patient's conditions to understand how to coordinate your care delivery during an episode of treatment and achieve the best possible outcome.

The 3M Patient-focused Episodes (PFE) Software gives you a patient-centric view into your organization's costs and outcomes. 3M PFE Software considers all of a patient's conditions and treatments, both acute and chronic, during the specified period and then assigns episodes of treatment to that patient. And with more than 500 definable episodes across inpatient and outpatient care settings, the 3M PFE Software accounts for the wide variety of patient conditions and populations you serve.

As a result, you have a complete, comprehensive view and the information you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your care delivery, predict costs and refine patient treatment processes to improve outcomes.

Features and benefits

When you understand the health risks, you can adapt your care

Using the proven 3M™ Clinical Risk Grouping (CRG) methodology, the 3M PFE Software assigns patients to episodes using all diagnoses, procedures and drug codes prior to the episode. This comprehensive grouping methodology differentiates patients according to their overall burden of illness and provides a precise, risk-adjusted clinical classification that helps you understand your patients' health risks.

Put resources where they're needed

Knowing the costs and resource use during an episode can help you meet your quality and payment reform goals. The 3M PFE Software provides actual costs, expected resource use, outlier thresholds, and empirically derived payment weights based on actual, historical expenditures. Use this data to:

  • Compare provider costs and performance
  • Coordinate care
  • Deliver efficient care
  • Measure and reward quality improvements

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone spoke the same language?

The 3M PFE Software uses mutually exclusive category assignments that express episodes and health risk in a meaningful way. It creates a uniform clinical language for assessing treatment effectiveness and communicating with providers and health professionals.


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