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ICD-10 translation tools

3M helps facilities automate ICD-10 translation and assess financial impact

Healthcare facilities are ultimately responsible to convert the ICD-9 codes embedded in their own documentation, reimbursement contracts, forms, super bills, medical necessity policies, and even on paper cheat sheets used by admitting, coding, clinical documentation improvement, and other departments. 3M solutions are helping facilities automate much of the ICD-10 translation, translating lists of codes, looking up codes, or creating mappings built to meet an organization’s specific needs. A financial impact analysis module helps facilities see what expected reimbursement would be under ICD-10. The result is more accurate translations that will help organizations avoid costly legal and financial risks once ICD-10 hits.

Lower that panic level

Go to the ICD-10 experts

Software backed by experience

The 3M™ Code Translation Tool (CTT) streamlines the translation process for you--automating much of the ICD-10 translation, substantially reducing costs and saving time. Precise translations will help organizations to avoid costly legal and financial risks once ICD-10 is implemented. The tool includes a proprietary analyzer that leverages over 30 years of 3M’s coding experience. The analyzer further reviews the codes to identify complex coding relationships and provides viable refinement and expansion to your translated list to consider.

The 3M ICD-10 CTT is a conversion and translation application based on the complete contents of the public domain General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs). The tool can be used to translate lists of codes, look up codes, or create mappings built to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Know your expected reimbursement

The 3M ICD-10 CTT includes an ICD-10 financial impact analysis module you can use to assess the reimbursement-related impact of ICD-10 on your organization. This module takes ICD-9 claims along with your base reimbursement rate as input and generates a report showing what your expected reimbursement would be if the same DRGs were derived from ICD-10 codes.

Hosted and affordable

ICD-10 CTT is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that can be accessed over the Internet by any licensed user from anywhere. Pricing per site makes the solution affordable for clinics and acute care sites as well as IDNs and large providers.

3M™ ICD-10 Financial Impact Tool

Built on 30 years of coding expertise and over a decade of ICD-10 implementation experience, the 3M™ ICD-10 Financial Impact Tool (FIT) can be the crystal ball your organization needs. 3M FIT reports the overall impact of DRG shifts by service line, showing where the shifts can occur, and, most importantly, what can be done to avoid them. Click here to see the list of the top 25 DRG shifts under ICD-10.


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Automate your ICD-10 translation

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