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Comprehensive ICD-10 services

ICD-10 is here

ICD-10 involves more than converting the codes in your information systems. The challenges—and opportunities—are to maintain accurate coding, improve clinical documentation, increase coder productivity, and help physicians adapt, while minimizing interruption.

ICD-10 upgrade infographics

With 3M Health Information Systems as your vendor of choice, you can meet these challenges. Our ICD-10 services leverage 30 years of clinical coding experience and a decade of international and CMS experience with ICD-10. They can help you take immediate steps to:

  • Identify compliance risks
  • Improve clinical documentation
  • Increase the efficiency of coding
  • Translate codes
  • Map and convert your systems
  • Train and test coders and clinical documentation improvement specialists
  • Train and support physicians

In addition, 3M consultants can help you improve your financial and quality performance through the transition. Our programs identify opportunities for you to improve revenue cycle processes, quality reporting practices and case management.

3M services for ICD-10

3M™ ICD-10 Education Program

More than 15,000 healthcare professionals are currently using the 3M ICD-10 Education Program for hosted online training--available on demand. It includes specialty-specific physician modules, in-depth interactive training for coders and CDI specialists, plus basic awareness and advanced awareness for ancillary departments.

3M™ ICD-10 Documentation Assessment Services

The 3M ICD-10 Documentation Assessment Services include data analysis to understand your challenges, an on-site record review and an executive-level meeting and summary report. Knowing the clinical areas most impacted by ICD-10 can help facility leadership make more effective decisions relating to personnel, educational opportunities and process improvements.

3M™ ICD-10 Modeling and Code Translation Services

Designed specifically to support the use of the 3M™ ICD-10 Code Translation Tool, these consulting services help your ICD-9-based systems translate to ICD-10, train your team to make complex code translation decisions, model and configure embedded ICD-9 codes to support code translation, and help your IT team export translated ICD-10 codes to your health information systems.

Then, ongoing ICD-10 Sustainment Services are available to provide your team with a quick response as they continue to work through the challenges of ICD-10. The 3M consulting team is available by phone, fax, or e-mail to help your designated users of the 3M ICD-10 Code Translation Tool resolve translation issues.

3M ICD-10 Financial Impact Analysis

3M ICD-10 Financial Impact Analysis allows executives to review financial impact on their organizations and prioritize where the most beneficial improvements should be made.

Supplemental Coding Resources from 3M and LexiCode

Millions of dollars are lost annually due to staffing shortages, coding backlogs, delays and inaccuracies. 3M offers LexiCode’s qualified, credentialed coding resources to help healthcare facilities maintain coding workflow, reduce backlogs and keep on schedule.

3M CodeRyte CodeAssist clients leverage state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) to examine the full text of a physician’s report and assign ICD-10 codes and, at the same time, identify dictation patterns code-able under ICD-9 but insufficient for ICD-10. Pinpoint documentation improvements for ICD-10 success and provide coders with ICD-10 practice environments for feedback and training.

Other valuable products and services

In addition to ICD-10-specific services, several other 3M solutions can help organizations adapt to the specificity and complexity of ICD-10 documentation and coding:


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