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3M™ DRG Assurance™ Program

On-site consulting with a proven ROI

Healthcare management decisions today are driven by return on investment (ROI), and the 3M DRG Assurance Program delivers just that. 3M clients typically realize a 4:1 financial return in the first year of implementing the clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program.*

Improve case mix index by 2 - 4% *The 3M DRG Assurance Program recognizes that full and appropriate reimbursement depends on complete and accurate documentation. And the most specific documentation can be gathered when a physician can respond to clinically driven questions from well-trained staff before the patient is discharged. Guided by 3M consultants, the program involves caregivers, physicians and coding professionals to review current practices, improve communication, and produce better documentation.

Address current gaps in documentation specificity

Through consulting engagements with 125-plus hospitals, we have seen significant gaps in clinical documentation specificity. These gaps influence the data that goes out reflecting an organization’s quality of care as well as its reimbursements.

3M™ Gaps in documentation specifity needed for ICD-10 - Infographic

The 3M DRG Assurance Program from 3M Consulting Services also leverages a decade of experience with ICD-10. It incorporates the knowledge of highly trained 3M experts, such as clinically experienced RNs, physicians, credentialed health information professionals, and financial and reimbursement experts.

How the program works:

  • 3M consultants work with physicians and staff to review charts and examine documentation, coding and physician review practices.
  • Physicians receive peer-to-peer orientation and in-service training to build an understanding of documentation requirements and necessary standards.
  • Managers responsible for case management, utilization review, HIM and quality receive comprehensive document improvement education following CMS rules and regulations. They learn new work practices and communication guidelines to support the concurrent review process.
  • Once new practices are in place, leave-behind software automates the review process. The 3M™ Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) System helps sustain and improve the benefit over time.


Proven results

Implementation and continued use of the program has been shown to increase an organization’s case mix index by two to four percent. As a result, 3M clients typically realize a 4:1 financial return in the first year.*

Accurate picture of your patient mix

Pay-for-performance and outcomes-based compensation make it increasingly important to completely and accurately capture a patient’s severity of illness and risk of mortality in your clinical documentation.

ICD-10 coding is Here

The 3M DRG Assurance Program helps your entire organization—both clinicians and staff—for the more stringent documentation requirements necessary for a successful ICD-10 coding.

Industry-changing software

Your facility’s improvements are tracked and supported by leave-behind software that features embedded documentation improvement guidelines and edits, plus valuable easy-to-use and easy-to-access references for ongoing clinical documentation improvement.


File downloads:

* Results are based on an average of results achieved by 3M DRG Assurance Program clients.

* HFMA staff and volunteers determined that this product has met specific criteria developed under the HFMA Peer Review Process. HFMA does not endorse or guarantee the use of this product.

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Peer-reviewed and approved

3M DRG Assurance Program

3M DRG Assurance has achieved the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA’s) prestigious Peer Review designation* from current customers, prospects and expert HFMA Peer Review Board members. This status is based on product and service effectiveness, quality, usability, price, value and customer support.

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