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Growing Your Window Film Business

Two Great Window Graphic Film Options
3M recently added two new graphic films well-suited for window applications.

  • 3M™ Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film IJ8150 is a 2-mil cast PVC film with superb optical clarity, allowing new approaches to graphics for windows. Unprinted areas permit a completely clear view through glass. Its easy removability makes it a great option for promotions and short-term applications. Print the one-way vision effect using holes or lines and replace your perforated window film on vehicles or buildings. For building graphics, you can achieve the effect of sandblasted or etched glass, for example, by simply printing with white ink on this film.
  • New 3M™ Changeable Window Graphic Film IJ61 is a clear, 3-mil vinyl calendered film designed for short-term window applications. It’s more economical than films intended for longer-term use. Film IJ61 gives designers a product to implement creative ideas combined with functional purposes on vertical, transparent substrates such as building windows and interior dividers. And you can create eye-catching visual dimensions and opacity to second-surface graphics by using white ink or by laminating this film to 3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film 50-10 (white) or 3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film Series IJ10. This durable film removes easily and cleanly within six months of application.

Window graphics offer excellent opportunities for growth – for you and for your customers. They can be used to economically promote products or services; simply provide a decorative element; and more, in a colorful, eye-catching way.

Much like the sign on your customer’s store, window graphics serve as a way to bring in business. Window graphics can be used by the store owner to generate revenue by selling the space to vendors that may be represented inside the store. For example, the owner of a convenience store or fast food establishment might allow a soft drink company to advertise on his or her window.

Window film can help filter bright sunlight and provide privacy to store customers. With “second surfacing,” or layering, one image can be visible on the outside of the window and another on the inside, maximizing your customer’s space.

Another great use for window films is environmental or space enhancement – to help customers achieve the elegance they desire. For example, you can achieve a dusted crystal finish – as opposed to installing glass finished in this style – much more cost-effectively. And it’s easy to change out.

Make sure you showcase window graphics by using them in your own shop. Experiment. Try second-surface mounting, which means installing graphics on the inside of the window facing to the outside of the store. Do this by reverse printing the image (like looking at something in the mirror). Then give the image some opacity by either flood coating it with an entire layer of white ink or by laminating a basic white film to the clear graphic.

Again, there is no better place to experiment than in your own shop. And this may give visiting customers ideas for graphics they would like to try.

3M™ Scotchcal™ Clear View Graphic Film IJ8150 offers optical clarity in a durable and conformable film for inkjet and screen printing. Unprinted areas of the film permit a completely clear view through glass

3M™ Changeable Window Graphic Film IJ61 has a low-tack, changeable adhesive that makes for easy, clean removal from glass without the need for heat or chemicals.