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Get Noticed: Make Your Business Easier to Find on the Internet

How can you make sure that as many prospective customers as possible are finding you when they search for your products and services on the Internet? You can go all out‚ hire a search engine optimization expert and possibly spend a lot of money. Or you can consider a few basic tips from 3M’s internal search marketing experts that may yield great results.

  1. Find out what words potential customers use to search for your business. The online tool Google Adwords allows you to measure the number of Google searches for terms that have been used when looking for your products and services. Once you have determined the best keywords‚ use them throughout your website to describe your services.
  2. Make sure your address and phone numbers are “searchable” on your site. Information is searchable if you can highlight the text with your cursor. If this information is in a graphic or an image bar across the top of the page‚ it won’t appear when someone conducts an Internet search. If your business relies heavily on local business‚ include your phone number and address on every page of your website.
  3. Cultivate inbound links to your site. An inbound link is another website with a link to your website. Examples include social media‚ like Facebook and LinkedIn. Other possible sources to consider include the local Chamber of Commerce and companies you do business with. You can even use Yahoo! Site Explorer to see who links to your competitors’ websites.
  4. Register your business on local business pages of the various search engines (such as Google Places and Bing Business Portal) so you will show up on searches for local businesses and on mobile searches. This is an easy and free way to advertise your business.
  5. When you place an advertisement in a print publication‚ make sure your website address is included on the ad. And if the publication has an electronic listing‚ make sure you are included on that. It may cost a little more‚ but it makes it even easier for interested parties to find you. They just click and go directly to your website.

Evaluating results: With any website change or update‚ it can take two to three months to see results. Watch your traffic‚ ask your customers where they found you‚ and make adjustments as necessary. Good luck!