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Get a Handle on Productivity with Web-based Tools

Time is money! All the more reason to visit for a collection of web-based tools designed to help increase your productivity.

Application and Installation Training Videos

Carve Out Profits with Electronic Cutting

Get useful tips by visiting the Video Library. Several new videos have been added.

Videos include:

  • Weathering: Graphics that Pass the Test of Time
  • Vehicle Wraps for Severe Contours
  • Film for your Extreme Wrap Applications
  • Advertise 24/7 - Fleet & Vehicle Graphics
  • Complex Contours Application – Vehicles
  • It’s a Wrap - Racecar wrap
  • A Dream Becomes Reality (Racecar wrap)
  • 3M's Slideable and Repositionable Film Technology
  • Tools of the Trade - Vehicle Wrap Application
  • Do-It-Yourself Wall Graphic Application
  • Textured Surfaces: Turn Textured Surfaces into Prime Real Estate using TSA-1 single-handle applicator tool
  • Textured Surfaces: It's Paint Isn't It? No, it's 3M's Film for Textured Surfaces using TSA-4 two-handled applicator tool
  • Types of Walls and Application Techniques
  • 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finish Door Application
  • Weed With Speed - Weeding Film Series 7725 and 7125 NEW!
  • Weed With Confidence - Weeding Film Series 50 NEW!
  • Successful Application of Premasking Tape NEW!
  • 3M's Advanced Installer Training NEW!

Color Profile Selector

Color Profile Selector

What it does: Helps you quickly locate and download color profiles for many popular printer platforms. Using a color profile can narrow the gap between the original image file and the output images by improving color match‚ helping you save time and increasing job productivity.

Using the tool: Simply select your regional location‚ then a printer‚ the Raster Image Processor (RIP) engine‚ and finally your media option. When all the options are selected‚ click on the link to download your profile.

The tool currently contains more than 600 profiles for the United States and Canada. If the profile you need isn’t available‚ contact your software provider or distributor for additional information. See the Color Profile Selector tool.

Important Note: Color profiles do not address misprints‚ non-wets‚ banding‚ color graininess due to incompatible ink and media combinations‚ etc. Profiles are only a means to achieve the intended color while taking into account the reality of a print room where various printing devices with different ink formulations are generating images on a variety of media.

PANTONE® Color Simulator

PANTONE® Color Simulator

This simulator lets you see PANTONE color matches available in 3M standard products offered under the 3M and Gerber product numbers.

You can quickly search the database to see if a color that simulates a specific PANTONE color is available in standard 3M vinyl films in opaque or translucent. The color may be readily available or ready to make. From the search results‚ you can even download relevant 3M Product Bulletins to get you on your way.

The tool helps you save precious time and money by taking the guesswork out of vinyl color selection. The colors in the database have been tested by Pantone Inc. to meet their color criteria.

Using the tool:
Select a PANTONE color and a product type (opaque or translucent), then select “View Search Results.”

The product matches appear followed by two- or three-digit numbers (indicating stocked or Cut to Order) or four-digit numbers (Ready to Make).

Or you can select Translucent under product type and see all the simulated PANTONE colors ready for your purchase. Remember that the simulations of the PANTONE colors are measured by reflective light and therefore the transmissive or backlit color may vary for translucent films.

Check out the PANTONE® Color Simulator tool.

For additional assistance, you can also order PANTONE® Color Tools through the PANTONE® Store for 3M Customers.

Custom color Matching:With our three-day, no charge color match service, we’ve produced more than 11,000 custom color matches globally. Contact your local 3M Graphics Market Center distributor or 3M sales representative and find out how easy it is to get the finest quality film in a color you want.

Film and Substrate Selector

Film and Substrate Selector

Select 3M graphic films and substrates by application‚ opacity, substrate‚ application surface‚ durability‚ imaging method and removability. Try the Graphic Film and Substrate Selector Tool.

Other New and Updated Tools

3M Solutions by Application - New
A quick way to find 3M Product Solutions by Application.

  • Fleet Vehicle, Transit and Watercraft
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Interior Environments
  • Outdoor Solutions
  • Unique Applications

3M Graphics Product Catalog - Updated
Browse 3M Graphics products and quickly locate Product Bulletins, Instruction Bulletins and other literature. See the Product Catalog.

3M Literature Index - New
Get descriptions and important facts about 3M products with handy links to product brochures and sell sheets.

3M Technical Self-Help Search - New
Type in a question and search 3M Graphics documents and FAQ documents for fast answers. Try Technical Self Help.

Certificate of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty - New
Fast, easy, on-line registration for the Certificate of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

Technical Bulletins - Updated
Product and Instruction Bulletins in one convenient location. See Technical Bulletins.

3M Graphics Installer Program details - New
Get training details and register for the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer Program or the 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company Program. Visit 3M Graphics Installation Programs.

For more information on graphic materials, visit or locate a 3M distributor.