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If Walls Could Talk …


They can talk, with wall graphics that can boost your customers’ sales.

Most brick and mortar businesses have at least four walls. And if they are covered with only paint or wallpaper, they’re being underutilized. Adding some purposeful wall graphics can boost sales. According to research conducted by Nielsen, 86 percent of people report being influenced to make purchases with store signage, compared to 37 percent who were influenced with social media.

3M™ Wall Decorating Film IJ86E
This retail store features highlights the fashion of the season with 3M™ Wall Decorating Film IJ86E

Wall graphics can give your customers a focal point to promote their brand. With wall graphics, you can help them customize the look and feel of their space and distinguish themselves from the competition.

For example, a bank could utilize wall graphics to feature short-term promotions. Wall graphics featuring the bank’s logo not only look great but also help build brand identity. Graphics above the teller area might feature information about home equity loans promotions or CD interest rates.

Or consider a fast-food restaurant. Featuring a new menu item or special pricing on other food items may even increase sales. According to a study from the University of California – Berkeley, people are six times more likely to buy a product if a point-of-purchase (POP) display highlights it.

Retailers can take advantage of wall space by teaming up with a vendor to promote a new item. For example, a sporting goods store might sell wall space to the vendor of a new line of hockey skates. Or the retailer might use large wall graphics so consumers can easily locate merchandise in the store.

Choosing the right film

When working with your clients, how do you determine the right film for the wall? 3M Commercial Graphics takes the guesswork out of this process with Instruction Bulletin 5.37: "A Guide to Understanding and Applying Graphics to Common Smooth and Textured Wall Surfaces," which outlines most scenarios you will come across.

3M Wall Test Kit
The 3M Wall Test Kit helps you identify the best film to use on customer’s walls.

This bulletin also explains the use of the 3M Wall Test Kit (page 11), which features samples of a variety of films. The 3M Wall Test Kit is a valuable tool for determining what film to use on your prospective customer’s walls. With the Test Kit you are able to make this determination in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. You can order this kit through your local 3M sales representative or 3M distributor. Taking this professional approach helps you earn greater confidence from your prospective customers.

3M’s product portfolio includes multiple innovative products you can use for wall graphics. For example, is a 2-mil opaque film that offers versatility along with slideable, repositionable, pressure-activated adhesive. This long-term durable and removable film has excellent hiding power and stability.