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Walking on Profits


Floor graphics have been proven to lift sales

Floor graphics in action
Floor graphics can make an impression on potential buyers before a shopping decision is made.

If your clients need some help thinking creatively for their next promotion‚ point them to the floor. Data has shown that floor graphics are not just signs that shoppers walk on – these graphics can increase product sales.

In a 2010 study by the Center for Advanced Retail & Technology‚ researchers set up a showcase of breakfast cereals in a supermarket‚ featuring colorful floor graphics and a lighted display unit. After comparing data from a three-week test period to a baseline period with no floor graphics and display installed‚ the study found:

  • Sales of the featured products increased 17.2 percent during the period that the floor graphics and display were in place
  • The number of shoppers who stopped in that product area for at least 8 seconds increased 280 percent
  • The overall number of shoppers stopping in that product area increased 180 percent when compared to the baseline period
  • Shoppers spent an average of 23 seconds making their selections in the area featuring the floor graphic and display
  • 11.2 percent of shoppers who made a purchase from that product area had not bought the featured brand of cereal in the previous six months

Data like this can help you make a convincing case to your customers that floor graphics attract attention and help drive sales.

Tips for Design and Installation

Floor graphics in action
Floor graphics are an effective way to catch the attention of customers as they shop.

Proper design can help a floor graphic perform at its best. Designs should preferably be simple geometric shapes – rectangles‚ squares or circles – in order to avoid sharp edges or intricate cuts‚ as these can increase the risk of early failure. In addition‚ any kind of corner on the graphic should be rounded.

Quick and simple installation is also an important consideration for a floor graphic. One short-term floor graphic film option from 3M – 3M™ Scotchcal™ Graphic Film with Comply™ Adhesive Series IJ40C – can be applied very easily‚ thanks to air release channels that allow for fast‚ virtually bubble-free installations. When it’s time for removal‚ simply lift a corner of the graphic and pull it back off. The graphic will remove with no adhesive residue.

3M recommends installing multi-panel graphics with butt seams‚ and also suggests applying four to six coats of floor wax on top of the graphic and around the perimeter when possible to help seal the edges and keep the surface of the floor consistent.

Keep these tips in mind‚ along with the compelling study data above‚ to help your shop successfully promote floor graphics.