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3M Original Wraps

Our participation in the automotive OEM commercial fleet graphics industry has generated a lot of conversation! The 3M Original Wraps program has been evolving, making timely communication a challenge. We’ve established this page as a go-to source for current information, and will continue to update it with answers to questions asked most frequently by printers and installers.


Automotive OEM Industry

The automotive OEMs are generating awareness and demand for graphics in the mass commercial fleet industry. Their dealer sales network, along with a retail presence and financing options, allows them to offer graphics as an accessory item.

3M recognized the opportunity to work with automotive OEMs to create a model that includes a network of endorsed graphic manufacturers and installers. Combined with specified materials that support an OEM licensed accessory warranty, we provide dealerships the “easy button” they want for execution and quality. We believe this may create new industry opportunities for graphic manufacturers and installers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“What are the requirements to participate?”
The first step in participating in the 3M Original Wraps commercial vehicle program includes meeting hardware, ink and media requirements
(pdf‚ 152KB).

“What’s my next step?”
If a graphics manufacturer meets the hardware, ink and media requirements, the next step is to complete and submit the application form (pdf‚ 212KB).

“I’m still not sure I’m ready to apply. How can I get more information?”
Contact your local 3M Commercial Graphics sales representative.

 “Why would someone leasing a car choose to have it wrapped by the dealership (dealer selected installer) rather than their chosen local installer?” 
Sometimes it’s helpful for customers to include the vehicle wrap in their financing package, and in some cases it may be their only means to afford it.

 “Who sets the installer requirements to participate in Original Wraps: the dealerships or 3M?” 
3M sets the installer requirements when we carry the warranty for the automotive OEM graphics programs. We need a method of ensuring quality control to uphold that warranty.

“Is 3M our competitor now?”
No. 3M is not competing with our customers. On the contrary, we are trying to build the industry and help develop business for our printer and installer network while still giving OEMs an easy way to offer graphics as an accessory on commercial vans. We do not print or install graphics, but rather we offer technology, consulting and a managed network of outside printers to OEMs.

 “How much involvement does 3M Original Wraps have? Do they print the graphics? Do they distribute them?”
We use graphic manufacturers who meet the program criteria to print and distribute graphics.

“Does 3M Original Wraps select installers based on how much they buy from 3M?” 
No. We select installers based on, among other things, whether or not we can guarantee their work and on their proximity to the dealership. Because we want to continue to expand this network of endorsed installers, we’re developing and refining the program so the processes, quality control and consistency the OEMs want can include a larger selection of installers.

 “Why does 3M Original Wraps get to decide the installation price for work done in the program?”
Automotive OEMs provide the dealerships with MSRP pricing guidance. They wouldn’t be able to launch a national program without market pricing.

 “Does the 3M Original Wrap program include used cars?” 
No. The automotive OEM commercial fleet program applies to new vehicles only. If dealerships are offering to wrap used cars, they are doing so outside of the program.

 “Do 3M Original Wrap employees work at each dealership to help sign up customers for the program?” 
No. The 3M Original Wraps sales team works with dealerships when requested, but are located in offices in Golden, Co and St. Paul, MN.